Calming My Tiny Tits

When I was younger I eagerly awaited the glorious day I would develop into a curvy woman. I got my ride on the cotton pony at an earlier age and thought that surely my physical maturity would soon follow. I even received the advise from my aunt that […]

Period Oral

There’s probably no better time for eating at the Y than during leak week. Cunnilingus while you’re on your period can be amazing if one, you’re comfortable with the act, and two, you’re lucky enough to find a partner willing to devour you during shark week. So why […]

Perks of Period Penetration

Nature decided to bestow half of the world with uteruses, and thus periods. Although it’s not the most glorious thing about being a female, you shouldn’t let the crimson tide get you down. Mensuration doesn’t have to mean putting your sex life on hold. If you’re into a […]

Flavored Condom Taste Test

When you are starting a sex blog during a pandemic, and you’re bored with your best friend, what do you do? Well, we came up with the idea of taste testing Durex Tropical condoms. Believe it or not, this really isn’t one of our strangest ideas. We both […]