Tenga Disposable Cups- A 16 Day Challenge

Tenga, a wonder company when it comes to masturbatory devices for penises, contacted me with the opportunity to participate in their 16-day disposable cup challenge. Unfortunately, I myself do not possess the phallic body-part needed to judge the products, but my lover was more than happy to lend his for such a worthy cause. What... Continue Reading →

Nyx by Sportsheets- Review

Nyx is the smallest in the Nexus Collection by Sportsheets. Although phallic, it is not super dick-o-licious like most dildos. The shape leaves more to the imagination, so if you must see a dimpled cock head and veiny outlines before slowly sliding it into one of your orifices this may not be the toy for... Continue Reading →

Satisfyer Love Breeze- Review

If you want someone to suck your clit and you are without a partner, what do you do? Satisfyer has done their best to lend a metaphorical hand to this age-old conundrum. One of their solutions was to develop Love Breeze. Love Breeze is one of the many versions of air pulse stimulation toys on... Continue Reading →

Dysis Bullet From Viotec- Review

Fondling Dysis, I was confused right out the gate. I have my share of Viotec vibrators under my belt and felt like an idiot trying to figure out why this little bullet's bead wasn't moving. Like the Tethys, this one is adorned with a bump on the head, however, it is stationary and not rolling... Continue Reading →

We-Vibe Tango X- Review

At the beginning of my We-Vibe Tango journey, I had read so many great reviews about the original by We-Vibe. I of course wanted to experience the orgasming-inducing little rumble stick for myself.

G Real- Review

At first sight, G Real looks like your average run of the mill dildo. A peachy flesh tone. Your average phallic shape. What was G Vibe playing at? When reading the features, it lists that it is made out of their revolutionary, body-safe bioskin. "As close to the human body as possible". Hmmm… I have... Continue Reading →

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