Avant Lucky

Okay, I don't think that a raccoon is my spirit animal exactly, but I was drawn to the Avant Lucky like any trash panda would be

Clone-A-Pussy Guide

Are you in the market for an adult craft project? Perhaps you would love the in-home pussy molding kit to make for a loved one to remember you by? Maybe you want to make one to secretly mail to that dude you like? Hell, or the one you hate... Van Gough sent a ear, you... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to Buy Sex Toys Online

Masturbation is completely normal and a healthy form of self-care, but some people have a hang-up about actually purchasing products to make their solo sessions and sex with a partner better. To make this task a little easier, especially for the sexually faint of heart, I want to touch base on the spectacular benefits of... Continue Reading →

Clean Your Sex Toys

You don't want your toybox or nightstand to become a petri dish for growing a bunch of creepy critters that you later insert into your body. Gross!

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