Surrender London’s BDSM Kit- Review

Surrender London’s BDSM Kit review

Ladies and gentlemen… subs and doms… kinksters of all ages! I urge you to listen up, for you’re about to be amazed!

Surrender London has come out with travel BDSM kits that are not only limited edition, but the beautifully crafted bags are handmade. The quality of the stitching and faux leather are divine as well as animal safe! Yay, cows!

The instruments, you will find, are constructed of stainless steel metal. So, not only are these mechanisms durable but also easy to clean and maintain.

If you find yourself the proud owner of one of these spectacular kits you will be astounded with the contents that are easily kept organized. Each piece has it’s own specific location held in place with an elastic strap and metal clasp.

Cum one, cum all… Hurry, hurry hurry, and see what astounding apparatuses you may use for your pleasure or pain. Each bag will contain:

Padded hand and ankle cuffs

Padded collar and leash

Four-way link strap for cuffs



Studded whip

Both ladies and men’s chastity devices

Four anal plugs (ranging in sizes)

Nipple clamp set

Penis plug

Cock ring


Door hanger

This may be the ticket for the spine-chilling encounter you and your partner have been waiting for!

I personally have one of these babies proudly displayed in my bedroom, on the backside of my door, and we use it regularly.

I’m a fan of bondage and these magnificent cuffs are one of my absolute favorites. There are some nights where I prefer to be bound with tape or rope, but I have never known anything to be so comfortable as these cuffs. I keep going back to them because I never have to worry about losing circulation to my hands and feet. They are also lax enough not to cause any extra pressure to my joints, which is definitely a huge perk!

Another aspect I was thrilled with was the speed in which my package arrived. I was expecting a much longer wait time and was not expecting it to arrive for days when it showed up. They offer free international shipping with the price of the bag. A huge incentive! 🙂

From caging to clamping… binding to blinding… this stupendous kit has it all!

The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

I was excited to try the Thrusting Rabbit created by the well known Rabbit Company.

The first sex toy I ever purchased turning eighteen had actually been one of their early, old-school bullet clit stimulators, complete with cord and hand-held control where you inserted the batteries.

An amazing introductory purchase for a novice clit tickler such as myself.

I will admit that this is where my undying hatred for batteries stemmed. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get off and then your precious rumbly juice runs low.

I’m also sure my mother was wondering why all the remote batteries in the house always died so often since I would swap them out in a pinch. I’m sure she can probably put two and two together now. 🙂

The company has come a long way as far as masturbatory innovation. And, I’m not just talking about the USB charger and long power life, although that is one of my favorite features in most great toys.

Back to the Review…

This vibrator is created using amazing feeling hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone. So, not only is it vagina friendly, it’s on the easier side to clean.

Just a heads up, make sure you pay extra attention to the creases along the “head” of the shaft and the little bunny whiskers. I noticed after my first washing that I had missed a little and had to make a trip back to the bathroom. Also, this is not a waterproof toy so it should not be submerged or used in a bathtime setting.

It also has two sufficiently powerful motors in both the head and the clit humping rabbit. Both have six different stimulation patterns although my favorite for almost anything is the continuous, unbroken vibration since that’s what my body likes in order to climax easily. This toy was no different there. 🙂

Those features alone would make this toy a decent buzzy, but add the fact that it automatically thrusts and you have something exceptional. I’ve taken this thing for a go three times… so far.

The Experience…

The first was honestly just alright. I tried the in and out motion you would normally associate using a vibrator and it got me where I needed to go, but that was honestly a mistake on my end.

My second run went better. I did a sort of rocking back and forth you would relate to riding on top of your partner. That time felt exceptionally better than the first. I got off, but it still wasn’t the best.

The third time I just let the Thrusting Rabbit do its job. I tilted it slightly toward my pelvic bone so it was massaging my inner lady sweet spot and let it go with only navigating the little rabbit to run up and down my clit. And, it was fabulous.

When I had turned it on before use I underestimated its thrust-ability. When inside it won’t jackhammer your cervix or anything, but it definitely knows how to work a vagina. Little to no work on your part to experience an easily achieved, yet still strong orgasm.

The only thing that may be a drawback for some is the sound. When set to the higher settings it may be loud for those trying to conceal what shenanigans they are up to. I myself do my best “research” at night when the rest of the house is asleep or I turn on music and lock the door.

For a more exciting dual stim toy check out my review on the Enigma!

Final Thoughts…

Ain’t no shame to the masturbating game. It’s healthy, natural, and this is a great product to help you on your way to a fit and flourishing lifestyle.

Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review

Tenga is a company in Japan that specializes in male masturbatory toys. Their new line of Tenga Spinners consists of the Pixel 04, Beads 05, and Brick 06.

The Experience…

I chose the pink Brick to try out with my partner and it is the least firm and houses the softest stimulative insides. As the name suggests, the design inside is a brick-like pattern complete with pleasurable “impact edges”.

In hindsight I wish I would have gone with a firmer spinner since his penis is less sensitive than some.

All the Tenga Spinners have a very modern appearance. They are clear, almost see-through gel-like material with a colorful, plastic mechanism within. The plastic is the component that allows the jelly sleeve to give you a spinning motion when your dick is inserted and sliding up and down your shaft. Who wouldn’t love a tantalizing dick massage?

Its a nice change from the more sexually designed masturbators, since they would easily blend in on a shelf or nightstand while in their case. This would be an exceptional characteristic if you have children or an unexpected guest.

Don’t want your sister-in-law accidently gazing upon your private, pussy-topped penis teaser. Oops!

My partner paired this toy with Swiss Navy lube (all natural is great), since it is one of our favorites, although the spinner does come with one of its own trial-sized packets.

He really did seem to enjoy it and was able to easily climax with ease within five minutes. Upon a second trial, he coupled it with a prostate stimulator and it was magic.

The only complaint he had initially was that with it being closed at the end he thought it may be harder to clean. That really wasn’t an issue with how elastic the material is and the case it arrived in doubles as a drying station.

Easy Peasy Drying

After cleaning, we set it in its container with the smaller side left off with a towel underneath. Soon gravity had taken over and after all the little droplets had disappeared you just seal it with the other end. Super simple.


Overall, the Tenga Spinner does not have a large price tag for the quality and would be easily paired with other toys or enhanced with stimulation lubricants. It is definitely a worthwhile addition to any penis havers collection.

You can purchase your very own at for $26.99 at the time of this post.

Prostate Magic

Shop @ and enter the code nikkinelson for free shipping!!!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a brave man on a quest to uncover a magic bean.

This enchanted bean was larger than most. About the size of a walnut and known for possessing various health properties.

One day while out on his adventure the man had an epiphany. He had been searching throughout the kingdom for days, but a voice inside told him to look within himself to uncover the answer.

He was weary from his journey so he pulled off the lane to a tavern inn where he paid for a nights rest.

Alone in his room he lit some candles and took a calming breath. He began to dig, and after a few moments, he got an overwhelming sensation confirming he was on the right path.

Once the bean was found he began the milking process, for that is how all stories told of reaping the health benefits.

He began slowly, unsure of himself but then proceeded more surehandedly once he got a grip of the matter.

Suddenly he erupted… in a fit of laughter! He had done it! He had milked the magic bean and was rewarded.

The day was done and so was he. He curled up upon his little cot and fell fast asleep because that’s what those who possess a penis sometimes do when their day closes with a happy ending.

Actual benefits…

Although I was trying to be funny, there really are some serious benefits to be had from enjoying prostate massage. Not all of the ones I’m listing are completely proven, but there are scientific studies that have been performed to give evidence.

Prostate massage could help with erectile dysfunction. The idea being better blood flow could then lead to better erections.

It can help with your urinary health. Relieving some of the pressure from the prostate decreases the possible inflammation that could in turn irritate your bladder. It can also lead to an easier flow of your urine through your urethra which can be slowed or stopped my an unhappy prostate gland.

Maitnencing your prostate could also help alleviate painful ejaculation and issues associated with an enlarged prostate.

More than anything it is just another way that a man can experience more sexual pleasure and receive a more mind-blowing orgasm. And who doesn’t want that? I honestly can say I’m jealous.

Whether alone or with a partner, play safe, and always remember good hygiene, as with anything. Nobody wants to shake the man’s hand if he dawns a stinky finger.

And if you need a recommendation for either you first prostate massager or just a simply fantastic company, you should check out Aneros. They are the best in the prostate game and who my boyfriend turns to for amazing comfort and design.

Aneros Eupho Syn- Review

My partner has always been amazingly supportive of me on my quest to review a wide variety of toys. Of course, it probably helps that he gets to play and get laid, but supportive none the less.

When Aneros offered me my pick of their male prostate massagers, I thought that maybe he would run for the hills, but he was a trooper and agreed to help me analyze our product since I was lacking in the bum button department.

What makes Aneros Male P-Spot Stimulators special?

They are designed to respond to your body’s motions, stimulating specific erogenous zones, and react to your natural contractions. They also have uniquely devised arms for external stimulation.

We had actually tried a prostate massager once before with lackluster results. He found no extra pleasure and said it only made him feel like he had to shit during sex. Not exactly what we were hoping for. This was not the case with our Eupho Syn.

I had decided on the Eupho Syn since it was more slender, but I should have read the decription more carefully. When it arrived, the box mentioned that it was meant for the more experianced user. Luckily we had no issues with use.

With lots of lube it was inserted and initally I could tell he was slightly uncomfortable. As we got going though, I could feel his unease turn to pleasure, and noticed his mounting excitement.

Beautifully packaged in a magnetic box.

The result?

A mind-blowing ass-gasm.

He compared his release to the first time I ever gave him head. Which by the way, I’m pretty good at.

He said that it was by far a more intensely felt, powerful orgasm.

That’s more of what we were aiming for!

He came so hard and enjoyed the experience so much that now it is going to be a part of our normal sex life. Most likely we will be using it again tonight.

Check out all that Aneros has to offer in their extensive line of prostate massagers.

In exchange for a fair and honest review, this item was sent free of charge. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

Clone-A-Willy + Balls Kit- Review

Our Adventure Begins…

The days were long and the nights were longer on my expedition to clone my partner’s cock.

We have been bestowed the task of creating a detailed replica of my love’s genitals, given all the supplies needed, but unaware of the misfortunes that awaited us.

I scoured the great archives of Youtube and found helpful tips that may aid us in our journey ahead. We read through the instruction text we were gifted that was included in the package twice before setting out.

Yet we were still completely surprised with the difficulty that ensued. It was well known to us by this point in how precise you must be while measuring both time and temperature for creating the plaster that would mold to my lover’s scrotum totem.

The materials allotted to us gave us a total of two tries, yet we needed more.

One misstep was underestimating just how exact the timing must be. We delayed insertion into the mixture and were met with stone.

Another failure on our part was allowing the water to cool too long while mixing. This mission had turned out to be a salty bitch, but we were determined to reach our destination.

We had to send away for more stock, and the wait was hard, but we were sure we could hold out… although the suspense was grueling.

We had another failed attempt when the cap had fallen off and it looked like a cascading waterfall of pancake batter splattering to the floor, but some tape was our salvation.

Curse of the Huge Huevos

We also encountered the trial of getting my partner’s big man berries into the mold. The cup was very large that was meant to house them but he’s definitely packing. They fit but were touching the edges which wouldn’t allow the pasty stew to envelop them properly.

Plaster setting

This would not be a problem for but a select few. For these chosen individuals, the original Clone-A-Willy kit would have been a far superior course.

However, we forged a Head.

And were successful to the best of our ability. The detail and size of his sack were taken from us as they were squashed into the confines of the dome, but we had completed the most demanding leg of our rod replication quest.

From there on was smooth sailing.

Pouring the silicone into the cast was a breeze. We situated the vibrating bullet into the neon brew with no hiccups.

Pouring the silicone mixture

Digging our treasure from the hardened cast after four and twenty hours was simple enough, but we were unprepared for what lay in store.

Apparently, the man bags tried to flee south down the shaft of the tube, so our loot was oddly formed. And for some reason, we had a large chunk dislodged from the front of his member where the magical bullet had settled.

Hard and long as our mission had been, it was all worth the effort. It did not go as planned, but I am both an optimist and sentimental, and in love with our masterpiece.

We knew from the beginning that the Curse of the Huge Huevos was upon us, but we carried on…

Although this may not be the experience everyone would love, I really did. It was a sexy project that I and my darling enjoyed creating together, and it really involved a lot of teamwork.

The hardest part for me personally, was waiting to see the finished product. I’m very happy we completed our venture and now have an amazing keepsake to remember our little experimental journey.

A special thank you to Empire Labs for allowing me to test their awesome kit.

And now our watch has ended.

Finished product

Bondage for a Bargain- Guide

Do you consider yourself a kinky kind of individual? Do you find yourself wanting to be bound, but are on a budget? No worries. I’ve listed all of my favorite, dirty DIY items that can be found around the house or purchased at a local hardware store for ten dollars or less.

Cohesive flexible bandages are amazingly comfortable, yet hold limbs together very well. Although it uses an adherent, it doesn’t leave your skin with a residual stickiness or pull body hair upon release.

This happens to be one of my favorites, simply for the fact that Daddy whips out his pocket knife when releasing me. I can be tightly bound, but it can be cut through effortlessly.


Paracord (or 550 cord) can be found for about five dollars for fifty feet. This seems to work almost as good as my Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese silk rope, which costs about twenty dollars at our closest adult toy store and is only thirty-five feet. You can perform all the same knotwork at a fraction of the cost and have more length to play.


Bandannas are an item commonly found around our bedroom and are easily obtained from almost any dollar store or Walmart. Not only can you use them as an accessory in your wardrobe, but they also work perfectly for a blindfold or binding wrists and ankles. I was unconvinced of its worth the first time it was brought out, but quickly learned how secure it can be if tied correctly.


A necktie can also be interchanged with the bandanna to cloak your lover’s eyes or their secure their extremities.


Almost every couple has a belt at their disposal and it can make for a great way to affix your partner’s limbs or paint their ass red when they’ve been naughty.

Lead Rope

We’ve recently purchased a horse tie out (or lead rope) at our local feed store for ten dollars. It was originally one-hundred feet long, but we since decided to make it two fifty foot ropes. I genuinely love the feel, braid, and weight that this one has to offer. It’s slightly heavier and more rugged feeling, but still slick and extremely flexible.

This would be a great consideration for anyone who enjoys pet play.

Zip Ties

And lastly… zip ties. No, you don’t have to be a serial killer to enjoy a nice bag of heavy duty zip ties. I have quite a few scattered about the bedroom and they are surprisingly convienent to grab for some spontanious bondage. The do have a little more bite to them if you aren’t careful and fasten them too tightly, so be sure to leave a tiny bit of wiggle room. As with any binding, you do not want to loose circulation.

You can also hold a handful of these babies by the ends, and poof… you have a makeshift flogger.


After I published this article I’ve had people say they enjoy saran wrap. Apparently it works well and is aesthetically pleasing. Anything else you would advise to someone new to bondage and on a budget?

I hope these bargain bondage hacks inspire you to think outside your toybox. Go forth and learn how to be turned on daily by seemingly average household items.

Fetish Fantasy Series- Japanese Silk Rope- Review

When my darling partner brought this little gift home I was super excited, and it didn’t disappoint. It was gentle restraint that we’ve continued to use on a regular basis. It is great for the novice knot worker and restrained partner alike.

Just as a precursor warning… afterwards you my find yourself aroused in everyday situations. I tend to notice rope and other items that could be used as restraints in my day to day life and my mind has a habit of going to the dark side pretty quick. Having to walk around work or attend a family function while your panties are wet isn’t always ideal.

True story.

Upon opening the box I was pleased to notice that it came without any odor and was exceptional quality considering it only cost twenty dollars.


  • 35 Feet Long
  • 1/4′ Thick
  • Super Soft
  • Reusable
  • A Pipedream Product

Additional ideas you may consider to compliment your bondage experience could be a blindfold, flogger or paddle, and of course dressing up (or down) for the occasion.

So, if you are looking dip your toes into the world of power play, thinking of trying Shibari out as a new hobby, or are just looking to spice up the bedroom with a new sexy element, you may want to try out this Japanese silk rope.

Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape- Review

Yes, this is my ass. You’re welcome.

Itching to be bound?

If you’ve heard the term Tie Me Up Tuesday and thought that was a phrase you could get behind, this tape may be for you. Yes, you!

It is an amazing bondage tool for the restraint novice considering there’s little to no bite while bound.

My partner and I have used it several times, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Handing over complete control to someone you entirely trust is fantastic. Knowing that I am safe while being restrained allows me to lay back (or however he wants me positioned) and just focus on the sensations being given to my body.

What Makes This Tape A Great Tool?

Not only is this shiny PVC tape by Fetish Fantasy visually appealing, it only adheres to itself.

Meaning, it won’t leave you feeling sticky or attach to body hair. A great feature considering this product can not only be used for binding limbs, but also as a gag or blindfold. Nobody wants to taste adhesive or have it rip out their eyelashes. Ouch!

Being cut free after use is super easy and slightly sexy.

Whether you are frisky and feeling adventurous, or in your fledgling stage to rope bunny bliss, I would highly recommend Pleasure Tape for any guy or gal’s playtime box.

Queefing. The Love Puff…

A queef is described as the expulsion of air through the vagina, or as vaginal flatulence, although it is not actually gas. And unless you have an odor anyways, there is no reason your kitty cough should have a smell.

I can’t say all, but most of us ladies have experienced a cunt grunt at some point in our lives, and in many cases frequently. This is exceptionally common while having sex. I find that it occurs more often during position changes, or if I’m extra lubricated.

Queefing is mortifying to many vagina owners and there is really no exceptional reason as to why we should experience any form of shame or embarrassment. It’s natural. It’s a common occurrence. And it should not be a big deal.

I’ve even had one partner that was turned on by queefing and would intentionally attempt to make my cootchie clap. Everyone has their own thing! And that’s okay.

In preparation for this topic I called, messaged, and cornered some of the men in my life to ask for the male perspective on vagulence. Most were a little taken aback, but definitely not surprised, as I’ve been known to be an over-sharer. 🙂

How do you feel about your sexual partner queefing during sex?

The most common response was that if the woman did, they knew they were doing their job right. I got several of these answers, worded differently, but definitely maintaining the same mentality.

They viewed it as a not so silent validation on their performance. Apparently, pounding it right is the male objective, and who doesn’t like a little confirmation?

I had a few who stated that it wasn’t a big deal. It’s just something that happens, and they choose to ignore said pussy thunder.

One said they found it humorous, but definitely not gross. Although, they admitted not laughing is a hard feat.

And one lone man said that it could be a distraction, but not enough to stop. And no, they weren’t disgusted.

Feeling self-conscious about a flappuccino in the bedroom would be the equivalent of judging a man for his pre-ejaculate or getting a charlie horse in the middle of intercourse. Shit just happens and there is no reason to get your panties in a bunch.

So, babe, if you beaver barks while you’re playing in the dark, don’t sweat it and choose to enjoy yourself instead. Because sex is fun, and if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.