Tenga Aero- One Silver Ring To Rule Them All- Review

Are you a penis owner? Would you like to experience Pleasure From Suctioning Surfaces with said penis? Oh, do I have just the review for you!

Tenga Disposable Cups- A 16 Day Challenge

Tenga, a wonder company when it comes to masturbatory devices for penises, contacted me with the opportunity to participate in their 16-day disposable cup challenge. Unfortunately, I myself do not possess the phallic body-part needed to judge the products, but my lover was more than happy to lend his for such a worthy cause. What … Continue reading Tenga Disposable Cups- A 16 Day Challenge

Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review

Tenga is a company in Japan that specializes in male masturbatory toys. Their new line of Tenga Spinners consists of the Pixel 04, Beads 05, and Brick 06. The Experience... I chose the pink Brick to try out with my partner and it is the least firm and houses the softest stimulative insides. As the … Continue reading Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review