Want To Charm Your Vulva With The Orgasm Monster Pro?

The Orgasm Monster Pro can give you direct stimulation without the huge hit directly to your bank account. Check out this money saving toy!

Fun Factory Achieves Victory with the New Vim!

Vim is Fun Factory's first go at a wand and they made it extra rumbly with a weighted head. Read about Vim and be sure to enter to win one.

Temperature Play

Temperature play is used by many members of the BDSM community to sensually enhance a sexual experience by using heat and cold to stimulate the body.

Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo- Review

If you have ever had any interest in trying out a dual-density dildo or have had fantasies about being dicked down by an extraterrestrial you are in luck! Blush has made the perfect dildo to fulfill both of those needs with their Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo. They come in four colors. The … Continue reading Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo- Review

LuzArte Groove and Jollet- Review

LuzArte is an endearing company that reimagined what a woman's masturbatory toy could be. Instead of replicating another mundane meat whistle in a slightly different color or adding a few "pleasure bumps or ridges", they completely changed the game.

FemmeFunn Ultra Wand- Review

Review of the fabulous FemmeFunn body wand and its features.