Charm Me by Calexotics- Review

So far I have sincerely enjoyed every Calexotics product that has come into contact with my nether regions. So, when I received my Charm Me from their new Slay line, I thought surely be love at first vibration. My Eh experience… Charm Me seemed pretty enthusiastic and raring to go in my hand fully charged, … Continue reading Charm Me by Calexotics- Review

Dysis Bullet From Viotec- Review

Fondling Dysis, I was confused right out the gate. I have my share of Viotec vibrators under my belt and felt like an idiot trying to figure out why this little bullet's bead wasn't moving. Like the Tethys, this one is adorned with a bump on the head, however, it is stationary and not rolling … Continue reading Dysis Bullet From Viotec- Review

Rose Uncorked- Review

Calexotics might be on to something when they come out with vibrators that play to the little lush in most of us. I'm a thirty-something woman, and I just couldn't find the willpower to resist.

FemmeFunn Booster Bullet- Review

There were no problems what-so-ever. This feisty bullet has enough power for me to reach the finish line in record time without leaving my vagina feeling like it's been given a hefty shot Novocain.