The Funzze Massager Review- A Bargain Hunter’s Delight

At only $29.99 is the Funzze Massager a gigantic, orgasmic steal or a huge, frustrating flop? Bargain seekers must read.

FemmeFunn Ultra Wand- Review

Review of the fabulous FemmeFunn body wand and its features.

Diamond Rechargeable Body Wand- Review

We will just start this review out with the one truly amazing feature about this wand. The Diamond Body Wand is gorgeous. It sparkles, shines, and made me feel like a princess grasping a scepter. It even came with replacement rhinestones in case the unfortunate should happen and some fall off. Other than that fact … Continue reading Diamond Rechargeable Body Wand- Review

Romp Hype- Review

The Romp Hype is an exceptionally flashy little number. It's bright, vivid coloring, paired with a stylish, curved design will be sure to get you hyped up for an enthusiastic solo session. What makes it a good Vibrator? Not only is this vibrator curved, but it is exceedingly flexible as well. Bending in the middle, … Continue reading Romp Hype- Review

The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

I was excited to try the Thrusting Rabbit created by the well known Rabbit Company. The first sex toy I ever purchased turning eighteen had actually been one of their early, old-school bullet clit stimulators, complete with cord and hand-held control where you inserted the batteries. An amazing introductory purchase for a novice clit tickler … Continue reading The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

The Revolutionary Magic Wand Rechargeable

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Magic Wand Rechargeable from the moment I finished checking out online. It's been dubbed the Cadillac of vibrators and the Hitachi brand has had so much hype ever since it gained it's well deserved notoriety from Sex in the City (Although, they only go by Magic Wand … Continue reading The Revolutionary Magic Wand Rechargeable