Saffron Spreader Bar, Braided Flogger, and Acrylic Spanker- Review

Recently I had a longer package delivered, and silly me, I thought it was going to be boring truck parts. So, I wasn't in a rush to open it. Boy was I wrong… What do you get when you receive a spreader bar, braided flogger, and acrylic spanker in the mail? Answer? One hell of … Continue reading Saffron Spreader Bar, Braided Flogger, and Acrylic Spanker- Review

Stardust Charm- Review

I was super excited when my Stardust Charm with Swarovski Crystals arrived in the mail. Unwrapping it from the packaging, it was stunningly beautiful. I chose the gorgeous blue version, but there is also the option of white, black, and pink. I cleaned it and then hooked it up at my desk to charge, as … Continue reading Stardust Charm- Review

The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

I was excited to try the Thrusting Rabbit created by the well known Rabbit Company. The first sex toy I ever purchased turning eighteen had actually been one of their early, old-school bullet clit stimulators, complete with cord and hand-held control where you inserted the batteries. An amazing introductory purchase for a novice clit tickler … Continue reading The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

Aneros Eupho Syn- Review

My partner has always been amazingly supportive of me on my quest to review a wide variety of toys. Of course, it probably helps that he gets to play and get laid, but supportive none the less. When Aneros offered me my pick of their male prostate massagers, I thought that maybe he would run … Continue reading Aneros Eupho Syn- Review

Bikini Zone- Review

Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Shave Gel My body is super sensitive. From my insides, where I have to be careful about what lubrication I use, to what lotion I use on my skin. I've always struggled with finding a shaving product that didn't irritate me, especially when it came to my vagina's maintenance (and ass-crack, if … Continue reading Bikini Zone- Review