321 Blast Off- Review

Lovey Productions was kind enough to send me their 321 Blast Off acrylic dildo. They are a sweet company whose products are made in the United States. The box has the tag line Best little toy from California and for the low price of $32.95, they may just be right. They have the slogan Made … Continue reading 321 Blast Off- Review

The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

I was excited to try the Thrusting Rabbit created by the well known Rabbit Company. The first sex toy I ever purchased turning eighteen had actually been one of their early, old-school bullet clit stimulators, complete with cord and hand-held control where you inserted the batteries. An amazing introductory purchase for a novice clit tickler … Continue reading The Thrusting Rabbit- Review

Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review

Tenga is a company in Japan that specializes in male masturbatory toys. Their new line of Tenga Spinners consists of the Pixel 04, Beads 05, and Brick 06. The Experience... I chose the pink Brick to try out with my partner and it is the least firm and houses the softest stimulative insides. As the … Continue reading Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review

Ovo S2 Lay-On Vibe in Rose

I was super excited about the Ovo S2 when it came. I had never tried a lay on vibrator before and was eager for the opportunity. It came well packaged, in a cute little box, and the back boasted the following- Features... *15 year warranty (cool beans) *Designed in Germany (although the print at the … Continue reading Ovo S2 Lay-On Vibe in Rose