Tahoe Temptation- Review

The Tahoe is a strong, rumbly motored rabbit-styled vibrator that had me cumming with ease. New from Calexotics California Dreaming Line.

The sexy, colorful California Dreaming Line has come out with some new, interesting models of their rabbit-style vibrators. The one currently taking up residence on my nightstand? The Tahoe Temptation!

What makes this one different from its brothers and sisters?

Look at these babes getting all cozy. You can definitely see their unique differences.

I had the literal pleasure of reviewing the Orange County Cutie last year. It was curved at the end for g-spot stimulation and was amazingly self thrusting. Although it was a great experience… this one was better.

It does not thrust, but I am capable of handling that aspect or rock my hips to give it more of a riding, on-off pressure behind my pelvic bone sensation.

What it does do? House two bad-ass little motors that make me cum in five minutes or less. They are both rumbly, grumbly little beasts that make my cunt groan, me moan, yet still manage to be quieter than the Cutie.

The one in the shaft is honestly enough to get me off with just external stimulation alone. It’s that good. Not to mention the head is wider than most bullets so it covers a larger area of sensitive flesh.

But, it is meant to be a rabbit, and I happen to be a greedy girl. I want my g-spot stimulated as well as my clit for a stronger, more widely felt orgasm.

Damn me for wanting everything.

The bulbous area of the clit stimulator contains an equally powerful motor. It gives the strangely shaped but strongly felt knob on the end the ability to flicker if pressed upon the clit lightly or vibrate the shit out of it if pressed more firmly.

I myself use a firmer pressure after just a moment of teasing.

The external part of the Tahoe is also highly flexible, so you are easily able to position it or use your finger to make it move along the desired areas of your labia.

Other features to consider about the Tahoe Temptation…

The Tahoe has three steady speeds in increasing intensity, and ten more functions that vary in vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Normally, I don’t care for vibration options other than steady, but these patterns were better than most.

It contains a state-of-the-art memory chip that will allow you to turn it on and resume your frisky play on your last used setting.

The chip also gives the Tahoe the benefit of a travel lock. Everything is fine and dandy until your vibrator goes off in your purse at the park (an actual experience of mine).

There are three buttons. One controls the shaft, one for the clit stimulator, and one to shut the toy off when you’re spent.

The Tahoe Temptation comes with a USB charger. It will fully charge in two and a half hours and give you an average run time of forty minutes. Up to two and a half hours on a lower setting.

It is made out of soft, matte silicone and the metallic plating at the bottom and rings around the buttons are ABS plastic. The silicone also makes it very easy to clean.

The Tahoe is waterproof for the ability to integrate some shower time into your sexy, masturbatory routine.

There is a one-year warranty.

The shaft measures 5 by 1.5 inches and the stimulator is 2.25 by 1 inch.

Final Thoughts…

There are a lot of women out there that have an issue with rabbit-style vibrators not working for them. I’m assuming my vagina to clit distance must be somewhat average since thankfully alignment hasn’t been a major issue.

I think that this may be a good option for the majority since the clit stimulator is so pliable and can be resituated with ease.

I would say that the Tahoe Temptation is definitely a win for me, but I love cumming easily with blended orgasms. 🙂

Rose Uncorked- Review

Calexotics might be on to something when they come out with vibrators that play to the little lush in most of us. I’m a thirty-something woman, and I just couldn’t find the willpower to resist.

Calexotics might be on to something when they come out with vibrators that play to the little lush in most of us. I’m a thirty-something woman, and I just couldn’t find the willpower to resist. Uncorked is their new line and each one is named for a different wine. The one I chose? A pink Rose bullet.

Normally I go for a nice bubbly glass of Moscato Di Asti since I have a sweet tooth and dessert wine is my jam. Especially, with pizza or pasta. That however was not one of their options.


So, I got into my pink and white fuzzy slipper socks that have wine time written on the bottom, lit me a candle, and poured me a glass… well, to be honest, a red solo cup, of wine.

Long story as to why I don’t currently have my wine glasses at the moment that we can skip over.

My experience…

Really, what does wine have to with vibrators? Probably not too much, unless you are planning to have a few and take advantage of yourself. (I do really love the theme).

I do however have a mental picture of someone at the Calexotics company hiding with a comically large net, using these as bait, and lying in wait to catch themselves a soccer mom or two.

Wine themed or not, my Rose Uncorked bullet did the trick. On the higher settings, it easily had enough power to get me off. I enjoyed running it along the left side of my labia to feel the vibrations through my pelvis as well as the obvious use on my clit.

As far as bullet length goes, this one is long enough to easily be inserted into the vagina. I would however refrain from using it anally since it doesn’t have a flared base to keep it from getting lost.


Other features to consider…

It may not be a big deal to other people, but I absolutely love the box. They did such a good job! It looks like a box of wine and makes this vibrator very giftable.

Rose has 10 different speed settings. I was super excited when initially playing around with it, that it didn’t have any patterns, and only accelerating speeds. Normally fancy vibes like loading up on a bunch of patterns I never use.

Rose is waterproof. So, not only can you wash it easily, you should go get drunk in the tub. 🙂

It comes with a USB rechargeable self-sealing port.

And of course, Calexotics made sure everything is made with body-safe silicone that is unscented and phthalate-free.

And it’s beautiful…


The Rose bullet from the Uncorked line was enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. It would also make a wonderful gift for that special someone, whether you are in the doghouse or just because you care.

Now to finish off my night with the rest of my bottle, some Little Ceasers, and watching reruns of Friends.

Orange County Cutie- Review

When I snagged this Orange County Cutie in the mail I was super stoked. I was hoping it’s functionality could compete with its mango colored beauty.

With its three stellar thrusting speeds and ten vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions I was down with this legit love stick. I learned just how epic Calexotics toys can be with this rad ride.

I was off to a poor start when Daddy started testing the toy on me. A sinus headache earlier in the day put me in a testy state, and really just wasn’t in the mood.

That changed quickly. As soon as it was inserted I was in love. Crappy feelings forgotten I was turned on, and cumming in hot.

It’s groovy shaft that curves at the end hit me in all the right places, including the much desired g-spot. My clit was given all the good vibes it craved.

We are talking waves of pleasure…

Betty's Toybox Discount

This sick stick gave me a bomb-ass ongoing orgasm that seemed to last a mental amount of time.

Other features besides hella killing it in the orgasm department?

It is made of pure silicone that is waterproof in case you want to go chill with a nice relaxing bath or shower.

Cleaning it was a breeze.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

It contains a memory chip that resumes on the last function you were on. Why not go for another round on your favorite mode without having to surf through the functions?

It fosho has a very easy button control panel that isn’t annoying to use while doing the deed. It actually has a security travel lock feature to boot.

And, of course, it’s USB rechargeable because who really wants to mess with changing out batteries.


So, if you would like a sick, thrusting faux-dick, I would for real recommend the Orange County Cutie.

Can ya, dig it?


Be sure to check out Tahoe Temptation, another model from the California Dreaming Line.