Surrender London’s BDSM Kit- Review

Surrender London’s BDSM Kit review

Ladies and gentlemen… subs and doms… kinksters of all ages! I urge you to listen up, for you’re about to be amazed!

Surrender London has come out with travel BDSM kits that are not only limited edition, but the beautifully crafted bags are handmade. The quality of the stitching and faux leather are divine as well as animal safe! Yay, cows!

The instruments, you will find, are constructed of stainless steel metal. So, not only are these mechanisms durable but also easy to clean and maintain.

If you find yourself the proud owner of one of these spectacular kits you will be astounded with the contents that are easily kept organized. Each piece has it’s own specific location held in place with an elastic strap and metal clasp.

Cum one, cum all… Hurry, hurry hurry, and see what astounding apparatuses you may use for your pleasure or pain. Each bag will contain:

Padded hand and ankle cuffs

Padded collar and leash

Four-way link strap for cuffs



Studded whip

Both ladies and men’s chastity devices

Four anal plugs (ranging in sizes)

Nipple clamp set

Penis plug

Cock ring


Door hanger

This may be the ticket for the spine-chilling encounter you and your partner have been waiting for!

I personally have one of these babies proudly displayed in my bedroom, on the backside of my door, and we use it regularly.

I’m a fan of bondage and these magnificent cuffs are one of my absolute favorites. There are some nights where I prefer to be bound with tape or rope, but I have never known anything to be so comfortable as these cuffs. I keep going back to them because I never have to worry about losing circulation to my hands and feet. They are also lax enough not to cause any extra pressure to my joints, which is definitely a huge perk!

Another aspect I was thrilled with was the speed in which my package arrived. I was expecting a much longer wait time and was not expecting it to arrive for days when it showed up. They offer free international shipping with the price of the bag. A huge incentive! 🙂

From caging to clamping… binding to blinding… this stupendous kit has it all!