Would the Volcano Prostate Massager Make You Blow?

The ribbed prostate massager that adds vibration and thrusting to the mix along with a stretchy, silicone cock ring.

Curious Of The Benifits Of Wearing An Aneros Prostate Massager?

Aneros is a trusted company when it comes to the health and wellness of your prostate, as well as your pleasure. Find out the advantages!

Immediately Test Driving The Spotty RC Prostate Massager

Spotty RC is a remote controlled prostate massager that will vibrate your gooch while the rotating head stimulates your precious prostate.

Aneros Eupho Syn- Review

My partner has always been amazingly supportive of me on my quest to review a wide variety of toys. Of course, it probably helps that he gets to play and get laid, but supportive none the less. When Aneros offered me my pick of their male prostate massagers, I thought that maybe he would run … Continue reading Aneros Eupho Syn- Review