Medusa Slimline Vibrator- Review

If you have ever read the backstory on Medusa before, you would know that she was a badass gorgon in Greek mythology. She possessed a female body and was cursed with snakes as hair as a punishment for being seduced by Poseidon. Any unfortunate souls who happened to gaze upon her would inevitably be turned to stone… which could definitely put a damper on your day unless you have dreams of being a statue.

Blush has come out with a new realm line of sex toys, bringing a different form of fantasy into the bedroom. Count me in!

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In the form of slimline vibrators, they have recently released Medusa, The Knight, and The Minotaur! As a proud, nerdy individual, I couldn’t help but find myself beyond intrigued.

Features Medusa possesses

Besides turning people into lawn ornaments and having a continually bad, but cool hair day?

She is crafted from ABS Plastic and is phthalate-free. ABS is a non-porous plastic making it safe for bodily use. Using toys that are body-safe should be a priority so you do not get STI’s. An unsafe vibrator giving you a yeast infection or a UTI could surely put a damper on your day.

She requires 2 AA batteries that are not included, which is a bummer, but for the price, it is to be expected. Sadly, all great vibrators do not come with USB chargers.

Medusa is currently only $27.99 which is on the cheap side for a decent vibrator.

She is splash proof. This means that you can easily wipe her down with your cleaning spray, soap, and warm water, but you should avoid submerging her. She was not designed to be a bath and shower buddy. Sorry, folks.

The Medusa Slimline Vibrator stands at 7 inches with 5.75 being incertable. The width is 1 inch across.

Use Code NIKKI for 10% off!

My experience…

Given that this was a cheaper priced vibrator I didn’t have very high expectations for this Greek Gal, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Twisting the bottom base you can bring her to life with a stronger, much more rumbly motor than I would have guessed it would possess.

Medusa is slender and slick, which allowed her to glide effortlessly in and out of my vagina. I also adored that she could be used so well externally. She has enough rumbly power in her firm tip to deliver fabulous pinpoint stimulation.


I love the way Medusa looks and that is what ultimately drove me to pick her. I’m a book nerd and I just couldn’t pass up adding her to my collection.

She did shock the hell out of me (not literally)!

I was not prepared for how much I enjoyed this vibrator. It just goes to show that there are some great inexpensive, yet still body-safe, toys out there.

Also, if you know of anyone looking for their first vibe, this would be an amazing option. Other than her stare, Medusa is unintimidating and would make a great introductory sex toy to learn what your body likes internally as well as externally without making a huge investment.