I’ve attempted to be funny in hopes to entertain. Enjoy articles and sex toy reviews brought to you by me, Nikki Nelson!

And, if nobody else finds me funny at least I’m amusing myself. 🙂

We-Vibe Tango X

At the beginning of my We-Vibe Tango journey, I had read so many great reviews about the original by We-Vibe. I of course wanted to experience the orgasming-inducing little rumble stick for myself. I was met with a mixture of pleasure and frustration. Fast forward to the release of the We-Vibe Tango X. There has […]


Pris Toys is a brand spanking new company that creates remarkably, beautiful dildos and plugs. All of their masterpieces are clearly a labor of love. Each one of their molded designs has been handcrafted, and then poured individually with bright, completely body-safe platinum grade silicone. With a name like Pris Toys, I couldn’t help but […]


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