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clone a pussy

Clone-A-Pussy Guide

I give you lubricants I’ve tested that are easy on my dangly bits and aren’t tested on bitty rabbit genitalia!

Picky Puss Lube Review

I give you lubricants I’ve tested that are easy on my dangly bits and aren’t tested on bitty rabbit genitalia!

Titillating sexual articles on various topics created to educate as well as tickle your fancy.  Learn while being entertained by my shenanigans

Clone-A-Willy Guide

Have you ever wanted a replica of your penis? What about your partners? Now is your chance! Check out getting your very own Clone-A-Willy Kit!

Prince Albert

Fucking Prince Albert

When my boyfriend was a hot young stud, in his early twenties, he had some friends that said he wouldn’t get his dick pierced. Obviously, he couldn’t let what equated to a man version of a triple dog dare go…

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy- Origins

I can think of no better quote to rip off for this article than “Necessity is the mother of invention“. In the beginning, when man had pretty clear-cut needs, he took it upon himself to create some tools from rocks,…


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Here is a sweet list of sex bloggers and toy reviewers for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Tinder love story

My Tinder Love Story

Unless you have been living your life as a hermit or been cryogenically frozen sometime before 2012, you have probably heard of Tinder. Maybe when you hear the name, the little red and white flame logo pop up in your…


Five Forms of Foreplay- Besides Oral

Here are my top five alternatives to oral sex… well, since I’m the one writing this and variety is the spice of life.


Temperature Play

Temperature play is used by many members of the BDSM community to sensually enhance a sexual experience by using heat and cold to stimulate the body.

Bondage for a Bargain

Do you consider yourself a kinky kind of individual? Do you find yourself wanting to be bound, but are on a budget? No worries. I’ve listed all of my favorite, dirty DIY items that can be found around the house…

Prostate Magic

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a brave man on a quest to uncover a magic bean. This enchanted bean was larger than most. About the size of a walnut and known for possessing…

Queefing- The Love Puff

A queef is described as the expulsion of air through the vagina, or as vaginal flatulence, although it is not actually gas. And unless you have an odor anyways, there is no reason your kitty cough should have a smell…. 

Armpit Kink

There are times in this girl’s life when I’m met with the undeniable What the Fuck look. None as clearly defined than when I simply ask if it’s alright to sniff my partner’s armpits for the first time. It’s usually… 

Perks of Period Penetration

Nature decided to bestow half of the world with uteruses, and thus periods. Although it’s not the most glorious thing about being a female, you shouldn’t let the crimson tide get you down. Mensuration doesn’t have to mean putting your…

Calming My Tiny Tits

When I was younger I eagerly awaited the glorious day I would develop into a curvy woman. I got my ride on the cotton pony at an earlier age and thought that surely my physical maturity would soon follow. I…

Period Oral

There’s probably no better time for eating at the Y than during leak week. Cunnilingus while you’re on your period can be amazing if one, you’re comfortable with the act, and two, you’re lucky enough to find a partner willing…

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