The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers badge.  Pink circle with writing.

What the hell is The Alliance?

The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers are outstanding blogging individuals that run their independent websites, maintain their own separate ideas and opinions, but still adhere to the same ethical code of conduct.

Each member is born through blood and fire… okay, maybe not, but that would be awesome.

Seriously, each applicant is reviewed by the current members and then their website is put to a vote with the majority rules. All reviewers must meet strict standards in order to be accepted.

Why this list deserves your fucks.

Everyone on the list is a badass in their own right, tirelessly busting nuts in your name. Some I’ve read for a while now, and some are new to me that I need to catch up on.  

All, however, have proven that they have the best interests of their readers in mind. Yes, you.

All of these reviewers are considered by the group to be trustworthy and forthcoming in their writing.

They aren’t going to try to sell you a piece of crap that is a waste of your money or harmful to your body in an effort to make a cheap buck.

The alliance has deemed the bloggers listed as honorable and aims to hold each other ethically accountable.

Each blog on this list meets strict standards (in their blogs as well as on social media):

  • All products recommended by the blog are body-safe.

  • All shops recommended by the blog are safe.

  • All blogs respect the diversity of gender and don’t gender sex toys as “male” or “female.”

  • All blogs are written by people who are passionate about the subjects they cover, not by people who are only trying to make money. Many of us make some money but it isn’t the main reason we write.

  • All of the writers in our alliance show honesty and authenticity in their reviews.

  • All of the writers of the blogs in our alliance can demonstrate that they genuinely own ALL the products that they review and recommend.

  • All writers are genuinely knowledgeable in their subjects. They don’t copy their content from elsewhere or “regurgitate” external content.

  • No blogs in the alliance contain discrimination, hate, or material indented to shame/exclude.

  • No blogs in the alliance use questionable, unethical, or uncompetitive methods to build links and advertise their website. In short — we are genuine bloggers.

  • There is a preference that the blogs have been up for at least 1 year and have at least 16 reviews published.

Members of the Alliance:

(or Sex Toy Super Squad- in alphabetical order)

  13. (the website you are currently reading)

Last Updated: 4/18/2023

Interested in joining The Alliance?

Did you read through everything and decide you crave that pretty pink badge to don on your own website?

If you believe you meet the standards we adhere to, you can send your request to sextoytesteralliance[at]gmail[dot]com, or contact one of the members on the list.

There will be a seven-day period in which your content will be reviewed and then voted upon. We are a democratic affiliation with the majority deciding the outcome on your acceptance. You will then be notified of the final decision by the person you initially contacted via email. 

Responsibilities that need to be upheld once accepted.

This alliance does not require you to hunt and take down bloggers from opposing districts or journey on an epic quest to Mount Doom, but there are some tasks that come with the territory.  

Each person is responsible for their own website. We are individuals with differing opinions and ideas but are required to operate honorably based on the previously mentioned standards. So, avoid excessive douchbaggary and strive to be a decent human being.

You are expected to keep an updated list of the members of The Alliance complete with do-follow links.

Obviously, you would take part in the reviewing of other blogs as they come up and cast your anonymous vote using your best judgment.

For a more in depth Alliance Overview you can head on over to Obsession Rouge and read How Can You Tell Whether You Can Trust Online Reveiws?