About Me

Nikki Nelson She/Her

Sex Blogger Nikki Nelso faces the left with her hand to her throat.  She is wearing red lingerie. Photo by Magnolia Lane

Thank you so much for wanting to know a little bit more about the crazy lady behind the blog!

Realistically, I’m just your average, horny girl(35)- exploring where I rank on the kink spectrum, and really enjoys amazing sex.

I’ve taken it upon myself to masturbate with lots of products and deliver the results in review form. My vagina is weeding out the crap, so you don’t have to! Or waste your money products that look promising, but turn out to be junk. Nobody likes that.

About me as a person…

I am a mother of three kids, the owner of the sweetest pitbull son ever, and pretty much all around nerd. I spend my time reading fantasy and historical fiction as well as engaging in some random art project or another.

I struggle with anxiety and depression, which can put a damper on anyone’s libido.

Sex Blogger Nikki Nelso faces the left sitting in a chair with her hand to her throat.  She is wearing red lingerie. Photo by Magnolia Lane

My three favorite Sex Blogs would have to be Girly Juice, Super Smash Cache, and Hey Epiphora.

I’m in love with watching Watts The Safeword on YouTube.

You can check out other bloggers/vloggers by reading my blogroll.

I’m a domestic violence survivor. I was in a toxic marriage for about eight years that left me mentally and physically damaged. Throughout that period my sexuality was severely repressed and the thought of intercourse would internally make me cringe. I would have seriously preferred fucking myself with a baby bottle brush than suffer through a sexual encounter with my ex-husband. After leaving, my libido slowly reemerged, as well as my self-esteem.

When it come to sex…

Sex blogger Nikki Nelson climbs onto her partner who is laying in a lounge chair.  Photo is taken from behind. Photo by Magnolia Lane.

I’m definitely a submissive partner. I do like my partner to be in control of the situation and to let me know what would please them.

I’m currently in a monogamous relationship with one of the sweetest, most sassy men I’ve ever met.

I have a great appreciation for adult toys, if you weren’t able to tell. Especially clit stimulators.

I’m sexually attracted to some females, but identify as straight.

Love period sex and oral.

Fan of Edging, Queening, and Rimming (on the receiving end).

I have a thing for exhibitionism, but have limited experiences. This is something I would like to explore further.

And, oddly enough, I have a major lady boner for lumberjacks. When I was in about the seventh grade I found a Playgirl of my mother’s that featured men dressed as lumberjacks showing their wood, and I have never been the same. **Sigh**

Again, thank you so much for wanting to know more about me!

Feel free to contact me at NikkiNelsonReview@gmail.com