Thankful For Hands Free Wanking- A Thrusting Masturbator Review

Thrusting male sex toy by yoyolemon

There are times I have to take a step back and marvel at how our technology has advanced.

As intelligent human beings, we have advanced in areas to make not only our basic survival easier but also improve getting our sexual needs met as well.

Long gone are the days when you had to simply rub one out with your own two hands (unless that is your preference). Or hoping that one day someone will come along and want to rub it for you. 🙂

Now you have the ability to simply mount an automatic masturbator to the wall or piece of furniture and let it service you at your leisure.

Oh, how cavemen would envy us.

Need to let off some tension before work? Stick your dick in the hole.

Need stress relief after a particularly grueling day? Stick your dick in the hole.

Features of the YoYoLemon Thrusting Masturbator ($79.99)

Thrusting & Rotation

The love canal on this masturbator has total of 48 nubs and 32 ribs running along the walls to stimulate your head and shaft.

The rotating and thrusting features are controlled by the same button so you can not adjust the settings separately. However, there are 10 modes to choose from, so hopefully you could find a setting to tickle your fancy.

Inside the thrusting male sex toy masturbator from yoyolemon

Materials & Cleaning

The inner textured sleeve is made of TPE. This is a non-toxic material that is considered body-safe.

Just be sure to clean your sleeve after each use since TPE is also a porous material.

Simply pull off the faux puss cap at the end of the device, pull out the ribbed sleeve, and use mild soap to wash the detachable sleeve.

This thrusting masturbator is not waterproof so you should avoid getting water down the main shaft.

For the little bit of lube gunk that we had on the inside of the main shoot after use, we used one of his Dude Wipes and set it out to dry before storing it.

Remember to replace the storage cap to keep debris and dust from making your toy its new home.

Also, with the sleeve being TPE we used a water-based lubricant. Water-based lube is recommended to maintain the integrity of the toy’s material for a longer life of the product.

vagina opening of the thrusting male sex toy masturbator from yoyolemon

Moaning Audio

There is a port where you can hook up earbuds and listen to prerecorded moaning if you need more auditory stimulation. The package does not come with any earbuds though.

My partner, however, just used porn since the masturbator has hands-free options with the use of the mount. Why not put them to use holding your phone?

You could also use a free hand to twiddle your nipples.

Sadly, the audio also only features lady moans (three options) so if you are looking for a fellas you would have to rely on your phone as well.

Mounting Capability

This masturbator comes with a mount. You peel away a clear protective layer and then adhere the sticky part to the flat surface of your choosing. I would advise you to put it where you would like to keep it since it is sticky and not a suction cup.

You are able to adjust the mount by changing the angle.

This would be a fabulous toy to mount in your shower if it was waterproof. Alas, it is not, so do not mount in your shower.

Charging & Battery Life

This thrusting masturbator comes with a USB charging cable.

The initial charge time is 2.5 hours which gives you 30 minutes to about an hour and fifteen minutes depending on the settings you choose to run it on.

USB charger for the YoYoLemon thrusting male sex toy masturbator


YoYoLemon offers discrete packaging and they honestly do it very well. There is nothing on the outer box or label to announce to the public what is inside.

Then when I opened the outer packaging, the box inside was wrapped in a layer of dark plastic as well, before getting to the actual product box.

Thrusting Masturbator Measurements

Total Length: 10.5 inches
Insertable Length: 5.2 inches

My Partner’s Experience with the Thrusting Masturbator

I have reviewed (well, written reviews) a handful of automatic masturbators in the past that have been well-made.

Many have quite a few bells and whistles and have overall good quality. Most, however, seem to focus on suction and rotation. Both are awesome features to have, but they lack the thrusting function, making it harder for some dick-wielding folks to get off.

When you’ve trained yourself to cum via thrusting, sometimes you need the back-and-forth tug and not just the vacuuming suck others offer.

This is the case with my partner. He loves some of the others but this one was far easier to climax using, as opposed to some of the more expensive, fancier masturbation contraptions used previously.

Suction and thrusting together, at the same time, doesn’t seem to be an obstacle toy companies have been able to conquer yet. If I’m wrong and you know of a great toy that does both well in one toy, please let me know in the comments below. I would have to check it out.

The only major problem we encountered was the inner sleeve was held and rotated by a plastic rectangular peg within the device. There were a few times during his uses that the love tunnel came away and he had to stop and push it back on.

It was an easy fix but a bit of a nuisance nonetheless.

The reason I would assume it is designed this way would be for easy cleaning. The way you can just push it back makes it easy to pull out to wash up after you finish using it.

Yoyolemon male sex toy thrusting masturbator

Final thoughts

Minus the sleeve coming away on occasion while in use and the lack of male voice options, we thought this was a reasonably good product. The fact that this masturbator had decent thrusting functions gave it much higher marks in our book.

If you think you would benefit from a hands-free masturbator with slippery material gliding across your dick you are in luck.

YoYoLemon Thrusting & Vibrating Masutrbators are available for $79.99 at the time of this article. They also offer free shipping on orders $29 and up as well as a two-year warranty.

This review was sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions on the product are that of myself and my partner.

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