Interesting Combination of Penis Pump and Water Masturbator

Sohimi pump and masturbator combo sits next to a little plant.

Like many households that love online shopping, ours always has packages assaulting our mailbox and front door. When I first opened the box housing the Sohimi Penis Pump and Masturbator Combo, I wondered which of my kids ordered a new water bottle.

It took a few seconds for my brain to catch up to the fact that I was unwrapping a sex toy from the plastic sleeve and not a sea foam green and white tumbler.

Water bottle or sex toy, I love the coloring.

The Experience

While my partner did enjoy the feeling of this product very much, he was not able to get off without the back and forth motion that comes with having sex or jacking it.

The suction and rotation did make him hard as a rock though, so I suppose it was a success on that aspect.

One of his favorite parts would have to be the little licking tongue at the end of the sleeve shaft.

He ended up trying the masturbator with just using water-based lubricant and then with water.

It would be a good idea to use this specific product in the shower if you fill it with water so you don’t end up with puddle on the bed. This also cuts down on your cleaning time as well.

Sleeve of the Sohimi masturbator and pump combo is turned inside out to show the ribbed insides with a tongue at the end.

Features of the Sohimi Penis Pump and Masturbator Combo

Suction and Rotation

This masturbator combo comes with seven sucking, licking, and rotation modes to create the combination of your choice.

The vacuum pump feature gives you four levels of suction at four-second intervals to be used as a penis pump. This in most cases causes your blood to get flowing and your dick to be stimulated.

As this product sucks and rotates with spiraling ribs running down the sleeve’s inner shaft, there is a tongue-like flap at the end. This tongue is used to stimulate the head of your dick when its inserted farther down the canal.

Sohimi pump and masturbator sits taken apart. Reads: sucking, rotation, and licking- fill with warm or cold water

Waterproof & Water Massage

Not only is this penis pump and masturbator combo completely waterproof, but it also uses water to enhance your experience. You can use fill the inside of the Sohimi mastubator up to 60% of the way with warm or cold water for additional stimulation.

I personally wouldn’t enjoy cold water on my junk but I would think warm water would feel nice in a weiner washer.

There is a little rubber, insertable tab to press into the charging port for protection from the water.

The Sohimi pump and masturbator is taken apart.  Reads: easy to take apart for cleaning, waterproof- Just cover the charging port.

Materials & Cleaning

This masturbator and pump combo’s sleeve is made of TPE.

The description on the site’s page lists it as both TPE and silicone, so I wrote to the company for clarification and they confirmed that the sleeve material is TPE.

TPE is a body-safe material as it is non-toxic. It can however house bacteria and mold if you do not take care of it properly since it is a porous material. You can wash the sleeve with mild soap and warm water. Then you leave to air dry on a clean towel or pat dry.

The better you care for a toy made of TPE, the more you will extend the life of the product, and ultimately you will get more enjoyment.

With this product being completely waterproof, it makes it much easier to wash, since you don’t have to be as careful not to get the wrong part wet. The plastic can be washed as well as the sleeve or wiped down with soap and a rag.

Again, you will want to use the little rubber tab to protect the charging port.

Measurements of Sohimi Masturbator

Total Length: 10.04 inches
Sleeve Length: 3.74 inches
Width: 2.56 inches

Package Contents

Masturbator/Pump Combo

USB Charging Cord

User Manual

Who Would Enjoy this Product?

This masturbator would be great for someone who likes being stimulated by both water as well as the feeling of rotation.

Some people need the back and forth stroking motion while others do not.

Other penis toys you may want to check out by Sohimi are the Face Pocket Pussy and the Hercules Pulse Masturbator.

Final Thoughts

Right now the price on this Sohimi Pump and Masturbator Combo is $95.99, was $169.98. Sohimi offers free shipping on orders of $99+ and they often times run sales site-wide.

So, although this is a more expensive toy, you can save quite a bit off the original price.

You can always use the code NIKKI at checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase.

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