Vaporator Pleasures the Kitty and the Mind

The Vaporator by Maia happens to be a product I decided to buy myself. Normally, I don’t pay for sex toys, but for this one, I made the exception.

If I’m being honest with myself, I just didn’t want to wait for a company willing to send me one to review. Take my $54.99!

The Vaporator by Maia on a tray with  Ghost delta gummies.

What is The Vaporator?

It is a vibrator that also doubles as a cart pen. I believe the first time I saw it, I was on Instagram and saw Makeup and Sin with one. Here was a product that allowed two parts of my world to collide.

Yes, masturbating and… inhaling substances to enter a “euphoric” state.

Why would someone want a vibrator and pen combo?

Well, as some of you folks know, you can become aroused. If you’re all relaxed, in a good head space, and feeling yourself, sometimes you just want to masturbate.

I normally have at least one toy within arm’s reach of my bed at any given time, but I don’t know that that’s the norm. And let’s be honest… for some couch lock is real.

There are times I don’t feel like getting up to go to the bathroom let alone rummage through my closet for another toy. In my zen state, I could just flip this little bugger over, get fresh with myself, roll over and go to bed (or eat a muffin).

The Maia Vaporator on a tray with Ghost delta gummies and a Half Bak'd cart.

Pictured: Ghost Sour Apple Gummies (So Yummy!) and Half Bak’d Straw Berry Mamba Cart


Width at the Widest Point: 1.1 inches
Total Length: 5.7 inches

Features of the Maia Vaporator

Functions- Vibrator End

The vibrator end can be turned on with a long three-second press of the button with the little wavy symbol.

There are 3 solid speeds that increase in intensity and 17 patterns for a total of 20 vibration options.

This motor was shockingly stronger than I had expected and the tip is nice and firm. Going to purchase this toy I was thinking of it more as a novelty than something worth masturbating with regularly. Thank goodness for happy surprises!

Functions- Pen End

You can turn on this end by the rapid five clicks normally associated with a cart battery. You would use the button with the little cloud poof symbol.

To change to one of the three heat settings you will rapid click three times for each temperature change. The light will show green for the lowest setting, blue for medium, and red for the highest setting.

You can also activate Party Mode by hitting the button 2 times fast to activate the vaporizer for 8 seconds.

It has a standard 510 threading to fit your favorite cartridge.

The Vaporator by Maia being held by a hand.

Water Resistance & Cleaning

The Maia Vaporator has a water resistance rating of IPX4. This means that it can withstand some minor water splashes but is not meant to be submerged. This means that you should be careful when cleaning.

I personally remove the cart, replace the little golden crown knob, and wash down the silicone. You should use a mild soap for the silicone, avoiding getting water on the other end. Then let air dry or pat down with a clean towel.

You can store your Vaporator in the black storage bag that Maia has provided to avoid debris getting on your vibe.

Battery & Charging

The Vaporator has an initial charge time of 90 minutes which gives you 90 minutes of groovy playtime.

This toy comes with a magnetic USB charging cord for ease of use. I plug mine into the base of my lamp that sits on my nightstand.

The Maia Vaporator laying on a tray with its magnetic charging cord.

Color Choices

As of right now, there are only two color options which are black like mine, and pink. Although, I’ve seen some stores only carry one or the other.

I had my eye on this pretty pink tray for a while now and thought the black would compliment it nicely.

Final Thoughts

The Vaporator would delight someone who likes vibration in their elevated state. Masturbaton or munchies, I won’t judge.

You can get yours for $54.99 at Peepshow Toys and they offer free shipping to the U.S. on orders $75+.

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