Fun Factory Achieves Victory with the New Vim!

The Fun Factory Vim standing up in the sand against an ocean background.

Fun Factory has boasted the creation of “The World’s First Weighted-Rumble Wand” with their newly introduced Vim.

Did I think this wand lived up to the hype that surrounded it? And more importantly… is it worth the $169 price tag that comes attached.

Sure as shit, I say YES!

I do tend to lean in the direction of reviewing a lot of budget-friendly options, but sometimes a product comes along that is worth the investment. Plus, Fun Factory stands behind the integrity of their toys with a two-year warranty.

So, surely two years of rumble-induced orgasms would be worth considering.

My Experience With Vim

Initially, I was sent two of these with just the intention of running a giveaway, but I loved mine so much that I couldn’t pass up writing a review.

I love the fast rumbling vibrations that seem to awaken sensitive nerves deeper within my vulva. Your clit isn’t just the little nub that you see on the surface. It expands and reaches farther than most people realize.

With Vim I could easily orgasm with the head stationed on my clit with my hood down like I do with a good majority of wands. I also could orgasm indirectly settling it in the gap between my leg and outer labia. Doing this gave me longer, deeper orgasms sparking life into nerves that normally don’t get attention.

The rumble on the higher settings just seemed to travel easier through my body. And for a bit of extra fun, I would take Vim and put it on my boyfriend’s head and watch him squirm.

The Fun Factory Vim laying in the sand surrounded by seashells.

Features to Consider:


Vim is created using body-safe materials. Its head is coated in a swirl-patterned silicone. I have read others’ concerns that this may be too textured for some users’ genitalia.

I however did not have any issue with the material being uncomfortable. Quite the opposite. I found that the slightly raised ridges added more stimulation when I was in the mood for grinding it a bit against my clit. But everyone is different and so are our bodies. If you have a highly sensitive clit and silicone textures give you discomfort, this may not be the product for you.

The light-weighted handle of Vim is also covered in more of a mesh-patterned silicone. This makes the handle great for gripping and I really just liked the feeling of the texture on my hand. The majority of wand handles are made with ABS plastic, so it was a nice change-up from the ordinary.

The fun factory Vim is shown laying in the sand.  The head of the wand is facing the camera so you can see the texture of the body-safe silicone.

Vibration and Speeds

The Fun Factory Vim comes with three patterns the company has deemed Deep Orgasm Program, Intense Orgasm Program, and Edging Program. As far as patterns go, these are very well done, but I am a sucker for solid speeds and that is how I prefer to use almost all of my toys.

There are five rumbly speeds to choose from. The lowest starts out as more of a wobbly tremor and blissfully increases with each press of the “+” button.

The vibration of Vim is also designed to stay in the head of this wand massager rather than in the handle.

It also has a flexible neck for more ease of use in varying positions.

A close up of the handle of the Fun Factory Vim.  It shows the control button panel more closely.

Water Resistance and Cleaning

All of Fun Factory’s products to date are waterproof except for Vim. This wand is splash-proof and can be taken into the shower with you, but you should not submerge it.

With its splash-proof design, cleaning is easy. Simply wash Vim with mild soap and warm water. Then you can let air dry on a clean towel or pat dry. It is recommended that you clean your toys before each initial use and after every masturbation session.


Fun Factory lists this wand as 50% quieter than the leading wand. This of course refers to the Magic Wand. I’m inclined to believe this is true or at least reasonably close. For the amount of power that Vim puts, it is still on the quieter end of the spectrum.

Color Options

One of Fun Factory’s qualities I appreciate is their use of color. They use a wider scope of colors for their products than many other brands. For Vim there is Midnight Blue and Sunrise Orange (Sunrise Orange was obviously my choice).

Package Contents

Each beautifully packaged Vim comes with:

  • Vim Wand
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • Yes/No/Maybe List (an activity that can be completed with a partner)
  • A booklet that contains operating information, care instructions, and a Flirt or Dare Game
The fun Factory Vim's magnetic USB charger is shown in the sand next to the end of the handle.  The two little magnetic pieces are where the charger attaches.


  • Head Width: 2.4 inches
  • Total Length: 12.3 inches
  • Weight of Wand: 0.95 lbs.


If you would like to test your luck and see if you can win a free Vim of your own, please feel free to enter the GIVEAWAY!

There are three ways to enter, so click the button below to see how!

Additional Fun Factory Information

Fun Factory has free shipping which is honestly really neat. They do not stipulate any given minimum required purchase.

They offer a two-year warranty with their products with the submission of a purchasing receipt.

Fun Factory offers payment options through Klarna if you would like to make several small payments as opposed to one larger sum.

Final Thoughts

So, when asked if the Vim wand is worth the price, I would say yes. I was pleasantly surprised by Fun Factory hitting this out of the park on their first go.

A big thank you to Fun Factory for sending me my own Vim which I couldn’t help reviewing as well as one to giveaway to my readers. Be sure to enter for your chance to win your own rumbly Sunrise Orange wand.

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