Becoming Cliterate- A Sensational Read

Becoming Cliterate
Why Orgasm Equality Matters- And How to Get it
Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters-And How to Get It

Becoming Cliterate by Laurie Mintz, Ph.D. is both highly educational as well as a light read. I was amazed at how easily she explained some of the more complicated mechanics of how the clitoris functions, while still maintaining an air of humor that made me want to read on.

The whole book only consists of eleven chapters, but cover to cover is empowering knowledge that can be put to practical use in the bedroom. Either alone or with a partner.

Never have I ever wrote a book review on my website, but I thought this information was valuable and worth sharing.

In Becoming Cliterate You Will Explore:

  • Introduction: Hello and I Want You to Orgasm
  • Chapter 1: The Pleasure Gap
  •     Lies About Getting Laid
  • Chapter 2: Dirty Talk  
  •     Redefining the Language of Sex
  • Chapter 3: It’s Been Going On Too Long!
  •     Cliteracy Through the Ages
  • Chapter 4: Let’s Look Under the Hood
  • Chapter 5: Training the Sex Organ Between Your Ears
  • Chapter 6: Taking Matters into Your Own Hands
  • Chapter 7: Equal Opportunity Orgasms
  • Chapter 8: The Other C
  •     Communication
  • Chapter 9: Your Endless Erotic Education
  • Chapter 10: Spread the Word
  • Chapter 11: Cliteracy- For Him

“An Excellent, thorough, inspiring, and much-needed guide to the source of our deepest energy, pleasure, and power- the clitoris.”

Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and In the Body of the World

What I Gained by Reading Becoming Cliterate

As someone who has made it my mission to explore my own body and pleasure, as well as the body of my partner, I still found myself learning quite a bit.

The main point that stood out was how very few people with a V card orgasm in general and how many put their partner’s satisfaction above their own.  

In my longest relationship, I very much lacked libido. The idea that my pleasure didn’t matter was reinforced regularly. 

It is astounding to me that there are so many people out there with similar experiences. Or they just haven’t made the decision to uncover the ecstasy our bodies are capable of.    

“Practical advice on how to be a boss bitch during sex.”


Why You Should Consider Adding This Book To Your Reading List

Not only does this book give you facts and an insightful history lesson on the clitoris, but Laurie Mintz also gives you practical guides on how to “take matters into your own hands”.

She also advises those with a penis on how they can better provide reciprocal orgasmic experiences to their partners with a clitoris. 

Honestly, I think there are many with penises that would be butt-hurt to think they need a book to get their partner off. However, if there is knowledge to be gained by someone who has a clit, then surely someone without one would benefit as well.

I asked my current partner if they would like to read the book after I was done. Although he isn’t much of a reader, seeing that the book wasn’t as thick as my normal reads, he agreed. Did he look thrilled? Not really.

Then after explaining that he would have more knowledge on how to get women off than most men, he was surprisingly way more eager. Of course, he wanted to think he would possess the secrets of orgasmic bliss in his fingertips and tongue. Like he was some superhero whose power consists of making me cum explosively on command.

“Becoming Cliterate will change how we think and talk about female sexual pleasure.”

Betty Dodson, sex educator and author of Sex for One

Final Thoughts

I think that anyone with an open mind to learning more about the workings of their or their partner’s body could benefit from this book. Unless both of the people in the relationship have a penis, of course.

Unearthing more understanding on how to bring yourself or someone you care about a more pleasurable experience should be a top priority in your life.

“You’ll be reading for pleasure in more ways than one.”


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