Vulva Juicing Made Easy With Peachu- A Suction Review

Pink Punch Peachu in water with other furit.  Shows that the suction toy is waterprooof.

“If you’re into nibbly naughtiness or simply seeking a new type of pleasure, let our Peach bring out your juice!”

-Pink Punch (entertaining words from their QR code card that came in the box).

Before we even get into the Peahu review I just have to say that the Pink Punch webiste is without a doubt one of my favorites to visit. They come up with some creative descriptions, their video on the Sunset Mushroom is unique, and it’s just easy to navigate. You can tell that whoever was in charge had fun with its creation.

Now that that’s out of my system…

Pink Punch by far has some of the most adorable sex toys as well! They are simply darling and feel super soft and squishy.  

And honestly, who would look at their products and think sex toys? If I was unaware and saw Peachu on someone’s nightstand, I would probably think it was some form of a squishy. Maybe that’s just my mom brain kicking in.

The question is… how does the Pink Punch Peachu feel down under?

Why I loved Juicing My Vulva With Peachu

My Clit Wasn’t Harmed by Excessive Hoovering

When it comes to vibration alone, from a bullet or a rabbit toy, my clit is more than eager to absorb whatever buzzy or rumbly vibes a toy can dish out.

Toys that deal in suction can sometimes be a bit much for me personally (especially when I’m on the brink of orgasm). There have been plenty of products that I’ve had to run on the lower settings because the higher ones were simply too much.

It can be very frustrating getting so close to climax and then having to take your toy away because the sensation is just too intense that it becomes uncomfortable.

Ease of Cumming and Use

Peachu allowed me to cum easily, without any discomfort and didn’t numb my clit. Keeping my nerves sensitive enabled me to have multiple rather than a one-and-done session.

I adored the squishy consistency on my vulva, and the controls were easy to manage. I think it would be harder to operate, pushing the buttons while in use, if it was faced the way I assume most people may use it. Simply enough, I just flipped the peach with the button facing upward and didn’t notice a difference in sensation.

In the beginning I was concerned that the size of the suctioning hole may be too small to accommodate my body. I have a meatier undercarriage, but I didn’t have any major issues. I did have to use my fingers to hold my outer lips out of the way and take a few seconds to get the positioning right, but I normally have to do a similar start-up with most suctioning toys I’ve reviewed.

Just like the Sunset Mushroom by Pink Punch it wasn’t the strongest in its category. Even so, I can honestly say that I am a fan of Peachu.

It’s an awesome little kit that would make a great gift for the clit-owner in your life. Or it would be a nice way to treat yourself.

Be sure to check out my previous review on the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom

Peachu Package Contents

Pink Punch Peachu suction toy
  • One cute juicy peach
  • A dust-proof charging case (reminds me of the case that held the rose in Beauty and the Beast).
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Package card
  • Darling stickers

Peachu’s Juicy Features

This plump little peach is made from super soft, food-grade silicone and ABS plastic. This means that it is perfectly safe to use on your netherregions. 

This product is IPX7 water-proof. This means that it is safe to submerge in water up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

So, Peachu would be safe to take in the shower and easy to clean. Just be sure to dry it completely before returning to the case.  

This toy may be waterproof but the case itself is not.

This suction toy has 5 intensities to choose from. You can activate Peachu with a long press to the power button, and then a short press to shuffle through the suction intensities.

Want more than five options? You can unlock more modes on the PinkPunch app.

They offer Solo or Dual options. Solo is obviously you playing alone, but Dual allows you to send an invitation to a friend to help control your play.

You can charge Peachu by placing it in the dust-proof charging case.

The charge time is about 2 hours for approximately 2 hours of playtime.

For charging, you plug the cord into the charging case, but then placing it inside, it uses wireless charging. Just make sure the magnets line up.

When Peachu is charging the light will blink. When it is fully charged the light will stay on.

Pink Punch Peachu suction toy with stickers that come with the kit.

Final Thoughts

I do absolutely love the squishiness of the food-grade silicone, the wireless dust capsule to store Peachu and keep it clean, and the adorable packaging with stickers, but $109 is a lot of money for a suction toy. Luckily you can get a discount on the Pink Punch website with the code: nikki30.

Taking an extra 30% off your purchase allows this peach to be a much more affordable option.

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