Tantalizing The Tip With The Tornado 360- Review

At the end of 2021, I wrote a review on the spinning masturbator that was the AcmeJoy Tornado 360’s predecessor, and it seems to have come a long way.

I’m so glad that they changed their appearance. It used to be white with a mouth as the insert point. With all the little nubs, it used to remind me of pale little teeth, giving my mind a mental visual of a venus fly trap.

Not exactly my thing, but no shame here if that would be a turn-on for you.

(Be sure to watch the video farther down this review)

The experience with the AcmeJoy Tornado 360

My current boyfriend really had a great time with this spinning masturbator considering the price point ($25.99 on sale $59.30).

He said that adding a water-based lube to make the little rotating nubs slide along his shaft made his dick feel super sensitive. Especially the head.

Since there was no suction to this toy, he could easily incorporate a jacking-it motion that eventually would lead to him expelling his load within.

The only negative he listed for me to document, considering the price, was that he wished the end of the dick tube was more padded. Apparently, the end had some, but not as much TPE padding as he would have liked, so he would not recommend hard thrusting.

So, if you feel like this is the product for you, you should attempt to make sweet, sweet love to it as opposed to hard, balls-deep fuckery.

It should also be noted that this is a good product to use paired with a prostate massager, for additional stimulation, and larger loads.

AcmeJoy Tornado features to consider:

The AcmeJoy Tornado comes with 7 vibration modes as well as 7 rotation modes to choose from.

The handle is equipt with two buttons to control your settings. One is a simple on/off and the other is the settings button. You just keep pressing to riffle through the different options until you find the one that tickles your member’s fancy.

The masturbator itself is made from soft, elastic TPE. TPE is a body-safe material but should be cleaned very well since it is a porous material and can store bacteria not maintained properly. So, be the responsible adult you are and clean your toys when you’re finished with them.

The rotating head of the device is removable for easy cleaning. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before replacing onto the handle.

The AcmeJoy Tornado 360 Masturbation cup comes with a clear storage lid to keep your masturbator from acquiring dust, lint, and other small particles. Replace after the cleaning process to keep the best possible integrity of your toy.

This spinning masturbator comes with a USB charging cable, so you do not have to replace batteries. You can insert the cord into the base of the handle.

The AcmeJoy Tornado is created with lots of soft squishy little nubs to stimulate your shaft when inserted and switched on. The cup will rotate 360 degrees to tease and massage your penis.

This product is IPX6 waterproof. That means that it can withstand heavy sprays of water, but it cannot be submerged. I would not recommend this toy joining you in the shower or for a leisurely bath.

A fully charged toy will give you approximately 70 minutes of playtime, depending on which setting you choose to run.

Hands are shown stretching the masturbator cup to show how squishy and elastic the material is.

Cleaning your AcmeJoy Tornado 360

To clean this product, you can easily detach the TPE sleeve from the handle. The sleeve can be flipped inside out to wash away any lube and jizz mess you may have acquired.

You can wash the soft material with mild soap and warm water. Then either air dry or use a paper towel to pat it completely dry before reattaching.

Also, be sure to put the clear cover on after to ensure no dust particles find their way onto the elastic material.

Hands are shown washing the masturbator as well as drying it.

How much does the AcmeJoy Tornado 360 cost?

At the time of this article, you can purchase your very own for $25.99. It is currently on sale from its original price of $59.30. AcmeJoy is usually pretty good at running promotions and having usable discount codes on their website.

Other perks for shopping with AcmeJoy?

Discreet packaging- the mailman and your nosey neighbors will have no clue what is in your precious parcel. There will be nothing on the box to identify it as a sex toy. I know this since I have had several from this company.

They offer a 90 return policy on items that have not been opened.

There is free shipping on any orders over $65.

Final thoughts on the latest AcmeJoy Tornado

This latest version of the AcmeJoy Tornado has definitely come a long way and seems to be a distinct upgrade without paying more for the advanced features.

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