Curious Of The Benifits Of Wearing An Aneros Prostate Massager?

Aneros is a long-standing, trusted company that creates prostate massagers that use the body’s own muscles and movement to stimulate the prostate. Doing so can leave the user with added health benefits as well as feeling more satisfied with stronger, more intense orgasms.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a little walnut-sized gland that you can stimulate, located between the penis and the bladder. You can find it about a few inches in on the interior wall of the anus( the wall closest to the penis).

Line drawing of a mans anatomy facing to the left.  It shows where the aneros Massager would stimulate the prostate and rock back and forth.

What is an Aneros Prostate Massager?

Aneros makes hands-free prostate massagers that are powered by the contractions of your sphincter muscle as well as the muscles of your pelvic floor. So you use your own body’s motion and contractions to pleasure and massage your prostate.

You can use an Aneros massager either alone, during a masturbation solo session, or wear while you’re being intimate with a partner.

Drawing like art of an aneros prostate massager.  Close up on the head and arms of the massager.

What are the benefits of prostate stimulation?

Possible enhanced sexual performance- if your prostate is being aroused, as well as your penis, you can achieve stronger erections and can possibly exercise and tone your pelvic floor.

Larger amounts of ejaculate- wearing an Aneros prostate massager will stimulate and squeeze your prostate gland, creating a larger ejaculate load. Trust me! I’ve seen this increase in man juice many times, both with a massager as well as rubbing my boyfriend’s walnut for him digitally while he masturbates (yes, I mean with my fingers).

May help with urinary incontinence- again, by strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor you can gain greater control over your urine.

Stronger, more-intense orgasms- Yes, normal penile orgasms are great, but what if you could enhance them? Having partners that have enjoyed prostate stimulation, I know that having an orgasm with both the penis as well as the prostate stimulated makes for mind-blowing orgasmic loads. Why only have one of your pleasure points be stimulated when you have two? Your prostate deserves some love as well!

How should you clean an Aneros Prostate Massager?

The best way to clean your prostate pleaser is to use warm water with a mild soap and let air dry. You can always use a trusted toy cleaner as well, but be sure it is compatible and does not contain acetone or petroleum-based solvents.

Banner showing the four versions of the aneros Trident Series.  The MGX, Helix, Eupho, and Maximus.

Aneros Products available on their website:

  • Helix Syn V (Vibrating Model)
  • Helix Trident
  • Helix Syn Trident (Read My Review)
  • Eupho Trident
  • Eupho Syn Trident (Read My Review)
  • MGX Trident
  • MGX Syn Trident
  • Vice 2 (Vibrating Model with Hand-Held Remote Control)
  • Maximus Trident
  • Progasm Jr.
  • Progasm Black Ice
  • Progasm Ice
  • Progasm Classic
  • Blue MGX Syn
  • Progasm Red Ice

More Useful Aneros Information

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, Aneros has you covered. For your convenience, and to insure you have the right product for the best experience possible, they have a recommendation tool to ensure you get the best massager for your needs. Just answer a short string of questions and they will point you in the right direction.

They also offer a page called Aneros A-Z which allows you to read through all the terminology so you can better understand any language used related to prostate play.

Still not convinced? Be sure to look at all of their awards when visiting their page including their XBIZ award for Sexual Health and Wellness. So far they have received it four years in a row!

Aneros is a trusted company when it comes to the health and wellness of your prostate, as well as your pleasure.  Find out the advantages!

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