You Could Be Lounging In A Lonesome Dragon Sex Swing

Being a girl living in Kentucky, when I think about Switzerland, the things that pop into my mind are chocolate, cheese, and maybe some scenic mountains worthy of gracing a post card. Sex swings, up until now, were not even a thought.

Then the owners of Lonesome Dragon slid into my inbox and changed my thought process. I will forever associate sex swings and Switzerland.

So, what is a sex swing?

This is a super kinky piece of furniture that allows one partner to be suspended while the other has the ability to move around freely during foreplay and intercourse. Amazingly sexy is what it is.

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Why would a couple choose to use a sex swing?

There are benefits to adding a sex swing into your lovemaking repertoire such as:

  • It can add additional excitement. New toys as well as experiences can be a major turn-on!
  • Using one can allow for freer flexibility and movement.
  • You can see your partner from new viewpoints. Perspective!
  • Sex swings can aid in comfort to someone with certain disabilities or a person who is pregnant.
  • You can use a sex swing to your advantage when targeting the G-spot. Angles are very important in that endeavor.
  • You may find it easier to get into or maintain the perfect rhythm.
  • Variety! The diversity of dirty deeds you and your partner can get up to is only limited to the extent of your imagination.
Collage of couple in the Private Euphria sex swing

Where does Lonesome Dragon come in?

They are a company located in Z├╝rcher Oberland, Switzerland that makes some of the most gorgeous sex swings.

I’m not talking about some of the cheap slings you rig to the door that you can find in most adult shops. We’re talking beautifully made, super comfy-looking swings.

Most of their website is available to read in English with the added option of German and French.

You can also watch some of their steamy videos to get an idea of how you and your partner may want to use these sex swings. The full uncensored, X-rated version comes as a free gift with the purchase of your swing.

Sex Swing Private Euphoria in colors

Private Euphoria

Lonesome Dragon’s Private Euphoria Swing comes in a variety of colors to fit both your personality and decor. Choose from red, blue, orange-brown, Bordeaux (wine-colored), sand, coral, turquoise, yellow, pink, or black.

Each swing is designed with comfort in mind, using flexible, but stable matting.

This swing is easily adjusted to work with various ceiling heights.

Each Private Euphoria Swing comes with fluffy, height-adjustable foot straps to be used for feet or thighs.

Picture of Black and White Euphoria 05

The padding is extra thick and made of antibacterial microfiber that can be washed in temperatures up to 90 degrees.

The padded frame allows the swing to maintain its shape.

Each Private Euphoria Swing comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Lonesome Dragon also offers the ability to order spare parts on their website.

If you would prefer leather to the microfiber fabric, they also have Euphoria Black and White. These have leather pads instead, with the option of faux leather if that’s your preference.

Picture of Black and White Euphoria 06

Do you need a swing in your life?

If you find yourself fantasizing about all the fun you and your partner could have with one of Lonesome Dragon’s beautifully made swings, or think that you would love nothing better than to recline and relax comfortably in one while you watch your favorite Netflix series, you should seriously consider heading over to their website and check out Private Euphoria and the other swing products they have to offer.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. They currently have a new sex swing in the works that should be launching soon! I’m eager to see what they have come up with.

If you have any questions they have a fabulous FAQ page that could easily answer a wide variety of ponderings. They also have a blog dedicated to sex swings with tons of inspiration and information to get your brain’s sexy juices flowing.

Thank you to Lonesome Dragon for sponsoring this post.

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