When Life Throws Thorns, Hunt For Rose Toys- Suction Review

The rose toy and rose bud are held by a hand over a green cloth background.

Unless you have been imitating an ostrich, with your head buried in the sand, most likely you have seen or heard about the famous Rose Toy. It has been circulating on social media for quite some time now.

That or perhaps you don’t have a clit so, it didn’t reach your notice.

This is not the Rose Toy that has been getting all the hype, but more like it’s a very close cousin.

This one happens to be pink instead of red and has a corded stem leading to a vibrating bullet (rosebud).

How can the Rose Toy and vibrating bullet be used?

That is left to the user’s discretion.

The rose itself has a suction function with a decently sized mouth. This is great for even those of us that have a meatier twat that would still like our clits sucked. The suction can also be used to stimulate the nipples.

Playing around with my boyfriend’s nipples, I did notice his nipple rings did get in the way of forming a seal to suction them properly.

The egg bullet with varying vibration settings can be used to stimulate the clit, inserted vaginally for the g-spot, or since it’s connected to the much larger rose, anally.

Be sure to never insert a toy that isn’t significantly flared. Your booty has a way of gobbling up toys that most people don’t expect. The large head of the rose would be large enough to stop it from being sucked down your wormhole.

Sohimi Rose toy lays on a green cloth background.

The Rose Toy Experience

Like the Rose toy on Twitter, this one gets the job done with little effort, and honestly- it’s a steal. At only $35.99 you not only get the suction from the Rose Toy but the vibrating attached to tickle your twat. Or wherever else you choose to stimulate.

One of my favorite parts about this toy is that the mouth opening is large enough to envelop your clit. Even if you have more beef in your taco than most. Some suction products come far to ill-equipt to handle a lady packing a full roast beef sandwich.

The only thing I would maybe consider a drawback would be that I’m not able to use this product on high the entire length of my orgasm. I always find myself pulling it back and feeling the vibration for the remainder of getting off through my outer lips.

Suction toys for me can feel a bit overwhelming while getting off. For me, the higher settings are just a bit too much for my clit to handle.

Features to consider:

The Sohimi Rose and Vibrating Egg are made with body-safe silicone and ABS plastic.

The insertable egg is equipped with 10 variations of speeds and patterns, while the rose section had 5 various suction modes.

This toy is IPX5 waterproof (meaning it can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, but it is not submersible). Which means it is super easy to clean, but it doesn’t allow you to submerge the toy. So, you should avoid dunking it in the tub.

Although this rose is easy to clean, you want to make sure to get in the crevices of the petals as well as the little clit-sucking mouth opening. You would want to use warm water with a mild soap, and then let air dry. You can also use a toy cleaner in addition to soap and water if you feel the need.

This product comes with a magnetic USB charger for easy hook-up. When charging there will be a little light that blinks to let you know it’s charging. When it is completely done it will hold a solid glow.

Sohimi Rose Toy head is shown with the charger and also showing where to put the charger.

Sohimi Rose and Vibrating Egg has two super easy-to-use buttons. The one with the rounded symbol that looks like a petal can be held down to turn it on/off and then pressed again to power the suction portion. The wavy-lined one controls the egg part that will vibrate the same way.

The charging time for this rose is two hours, giving you about an hour of playtime. This of course depends on the settings you choose to run.

Final thoughts

If you would like to buy yourself a flesh-sucking flower or give one to someone special you can purchase yours at Sohimi for $35.99 (at the time of this article). They also offer free shipping to the US on orders over $99+.

Be sure to check for promo codes while visiting their site. They often have some listed for further savings!

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