Immediately Test Driving The Spotty RC Prostate Massager

Side View of the Spotty Rc Prostate Massager.

Before I came along, my current partner’s experience with sex toys was minimal at best.

Lucky for this girl, he has a very open, adventurous spirit.

Honestly, I believe he must have been a closet freak all along and just didn’t realize it. I mean the dude is up for trying almost anything once, and he seems to thoroughly enjoy the ride of sexual self-discovery.

And that brings us to my review of the Spotty RC by Nomitang.

What is Spotty RC?

Spotty is a remote-controlled prostate massager that can be worn with a partner during sex or during a solo masturbating session.

Not only does this anal-arousing product vibrate, but it also rotates at the head. So, when you insert it, it stimulates the prostate the way a finger would. And boy, does he love my fingers!

The Experience

Honestly, this review is coming out a tad bit later than originally anticipated. Although he has loved the products that we have used up until this review, the anal plugs that I happen to have on hand at home, and of course my magic fingers, this one was more of a leap and took some time to work up to.

This of course falls on me. I didn’t think the diameter was that much girthier than the last prostate massager we had reviewed.

His sphincter believed otherwise.

I myself don’t dabble in anal play (as of right now), so apparently, my judgment wasn’t the greatest with this call.

In the end his booty managed to gobble the bulbous shaft, and although it’s a very decent product, we’ll need to give his anal cavity more time to acclimate itself.

We have plans to continue using Spotty RC in the coming months and update this review with further information.

Although we love the features it offers, at present, it is more than his sexy hiney can handle comfortably.

And not pushing your body beyond what is comfortable is a very important rule of thumb. If your body is trying to tell you something isn’t working you should always listen and give yourself more time. And of course more lube.

Spotty RC Prostate Massager next to the prostate massager previeously reviewed on the blog.

This is Spotty RC next to the previous prostate stimulator we reviewed.

Features to Consider

Spotty RC has five vibration patterns to choose from, as well as three different revolving functions.

This prostate massager has two independent motors which power the head (the rotating area for the prostate) and in the base (powering the vibration for the gooch area).

You have the ability to control the toy with a little remote that operates up to five meters away. That way you can simply click a handheld button rather than fumble around your balls trying to hit the little nubs.

Spotty RC is created using body-safe silicone and is waterproof (up to one meter deep- don’t wear it while scuba diving). This makes it easy for cleaning as well as allows you to take your prostate milking merriment to the tub or shower.

This product is USB chargeable. No need to worry about fooling with batteries between uses.

Spotty RC needs about two and a half hours to fully charge and has a run time of one to three hours, depending on the settings you choose to use.

To clean this product before and after play, use a mild soap and some warm water and then let air dry. You can also use a toy cleaner in addition to soap and water.


Height: 135mm
Width: 128mm
Diameter: 19mm (at the anus)
36mm (at the base)
30mm (at the revolving head)

Package Contents:

Spotty RC Prostate Massager
Remote Control
User Manual
USB Charging Cable

Who would benefit from the Spotty RC?

The Spotty RC would be a great addition for someone who is more experienced with prostate play. This would not make a great introductory product for someone just starting out.

If you have been dabbling a while and are looking for a massager that with tickle your taint as well as kneed your bum button with a fuller sensation, this would be right up your alley.

Final Thoughts

You are the only person to know exactly what your body likes and how much girth you need. If you think that Spotty RC would make a great addition to your sex toy arsenal, you can purchase yours on the Nomitang website.

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