The Invasion of the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom!

Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Banner in purple and pink.

The Sunset Mushroom Mushroom by Pink Punch is by far the cutest set-up that I have ever been sent and came with darling little extras.

I loved looking at their website and the toy description they have listed tickled my insides.

“Hi. I’m a Sunset Mushroom from the PINKPUNCH planet. I’m here on Earth to make girls feel pleasure cuz the dopamine you produce is the fuel that keeps our planet alive.”
-The PINKPUNCH Website

Major points for using creativity rather than the same tired, basic description that most sites use for pitching their products.

The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom in its charging stationn with charger and box in the background.

My Experience

Although I absolutely love the cute design and nifty case, I really wish the motor that powered this little beauty was stronger. The vibrations (mostly given to my clit while reviewing) were on the weaker end of the clitoral stimulation spectrum.

Sadly, much buzzier than deep rumbles.

That being said, I did enjoy using it as a partnered toy. I found that being fucked from behind by my partner, especially on my side, helped me to get off.

The Sunset Mushroom’s petite size as well as having the handle makes it easy to position during sex, rather than most being a hindrance. So many toys are too bulky and having to reposition constantly can take away from the experience.

Features to Consider

Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom is long-distance app compatible, so you can even play together while away from your partner.

This lovable, little vibrator is made with food-grade silicone, making it body-safe.

There are three different solid vibration intensities, as well as five various patterns.

This toy has a single button at the base of the stem to power it on as well as shuffle through the vibration and pattern variations.

The Sunset Mushroom comes with a delightful wireless charging case instead of having to insert a charger into the actual toy itself. You can simply drop it in the “dustproof space capsule” and let it do its thing.

Not only discreet in appearance, but this mushroom vibrator is also quiet (50db).
If you choose to use your mushroom vaginally, there is a silicone pull loop that you can attach to the base of the stem to easily withdraw the toy.

Sunset Mushroom is also waterproof (IPX7) for use in the shower or tub, as well as making it easy to clean. Simply use a mild soap with warm water and then let air dry.

Sunset Mushroom Set Includes:

  • The sunset Mushroom vibrator itself
  • A wireless charging case
  • A product manual booklet
  • An enamel pin/badge
  • A USB charging cord
  • A pink pull loop to use if you are wanting to insert it vaginally
  • Five Pink Punch brand stickers

Who would benefit from the Sunset Mushroom?

  • Someone with a more sensitive clit than this girl.
  • A couple looking to add a bit of clit stimulation to their sex sessions.
  • A person who wants a vibrator that doesn’t actually look like it’s a sex toy. If anyone were to see the case or the mushroom itself in your bedroom, I highly doubt their brain would scream “masturbation device“. If it got any attention at all it would probably be for its cuteness.
Pink Punch Sunset mushroom, charging station, cord, packaging, pin, and cord string being displayed.

Final Thoughts

Although I wish the motor was stronger, I found this package super sweet, and has the best charging case I’ve owned so far. Their website describes it as being similar to an air pod case, and they are spot on.

If you have a super sensitive clit (I’m so jealous) and believe that the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom setup would be a fabulous addition to your nightstand, they are currently available on their website for $99.

For extra savings on this product you can use the code NIKKINELSON to receive 20% off your purchase.

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