It’s Here! A Multi-functional Masturbator to Gobble that Dick

What is the Sohimi Suck, Squeeze, Swallow, Grip Masturbator?

To me, it looks like a very futuristic sex toy that pretty much does the work for you. It’s bright, yellow ABS plastic with a luminous, red brake light on the butt that signals when it’s powered on.

I would highly recommend watching the video I’m posting along with this review because it is definitely the reason I thought my boyfriend could use one of these in his life.

Sohimi really did an awesome job when making it.

What was the futuristic head like?

This sexy product is supposed to simulate the sensation of getting head with the feeling of sucking and swallowing.

There is no doubt that this masturbator has some very pleasing, powerful suction capabilities. Coupled with some good, water-based lube, my partner had a fantastic time trying this product out (for a very long time, I might add).

Although he very much enjoyed the sensations to his manhood, he did comment that it was pretty much impossible to use it like a traditional masturbator. There is no way with the strength of the suction function to jack off at your normal rhythm. You have to let the robotic pussy inch up and down your penis at whichever speed you select.

No spontaneous switching it up without the push of the button.

So, if you need super fast stimulation over a steady rhythm, this could potentially cause a problem.

If a regular sucking, gripping feeling at a constant pace is more your jam, I’m sure you would have no problem feeding its sleeve your precious man nectar.

Features to consider

This masturbator comes with seven different sucking modes as well as seven vibration features.

Materials and Cleaning

Sohimi Suck, Squeeze, Swallow, Grip Masturbator has a TPE textured sleeve, equipped with little nubbies (70 count) inside to help stimulate your dick as it slides down your shaft. TPE is body-safe and easy to clean if you flip it inside out, use a mild soap to wash, and then thoroughly dry (preferably patting dry with a clean towel and then left to air dry).

Cleaning diligently will increase the life of your toy as well as just a good hygiene practice.

Keep your cock clean, folks.


Sohimi’s sucking masturbator comes with an intelligent automatic heating feature. It heats up to 42 degrees Celsius. It does this automatically once you hit the power button, because who really wants a chilly willy while wanking?


This masturbator comes with pretty well-developed vacuum pumping technology. The suction functions allow the internal canal to shrink and squeeze your shaft before releasing to give the sucking and swallowing sensation.


This head simulation device comes with a set of earbuds to hook up to the butt of the masturbator. While you are letting this fancy machine have its way with you, walking its way up and down your dick, you have the option of listing to a sexy female moaning track. So, if you don’t have the luxury of an empty house to porn with the sound cranked up, this could be a handy alternative for extra mental stimulation. Although my partner thought that this was a great feature, he did mention that after a while the tract got a bit redundant and wished there was a way to mix it up or select another.

Use of Lube

If you were wanting to use lube, and for this specific toy you will, water-based is the route you will want to go. They do provide a small sample tube, but we preferred to use some of my own stash since I have a wide selection of my own cruelty-free favorites.

Power Light

The butt of this masturbator has a red light that the site lists as romantic. Although that wasn’t the word I would use to describe it, it is somewhat nifty and also signals when it’s powered on.


Sohimi Suck, Squeeze, Swallow, Grip Masturbator does make some sound but is far quieter than I would have thought for how powerful the motor seems to be. I was expecting a bit more of a loud humming.


When the Sohimi box arrived I was happy with how discreet the packaging was. Just a plain brown box with nothing to pinpoint a sex toy company in the labeling. There was nothing to identify to the outside world what sexually deviant products dwelled within. It could have been a blender bottle or a pair of jeans for all my neighbors knew.


This masturbator comes with a USB cord for easy charging. It does not, however, have a charging light to signal that it is juicing up, which was one of my few complaints. I like the reassurance that my toys are charging, and although this one did not have one, it did charge with no issue.

Final thoughts

Nobody knows your penis quite like you.

If you think that you would enjoy a gripping, sucking sensation at a regular speed this may be a product you should consider.

If you need a specific rhythm on the faster side, this product may be a good tool to use during foreplay, but would probably not get you off.

At the time of this article the Sohimi Suck, Squeeze, Swallow, Grip Masturbator is currently $103.99 on their website.

Although the price tag is a bit steep, especially for their site, they are constantly running sales and specials. They also have a wide variety of cheaper options when it comes to masturbators.

As with any sex toy store, be sure to check what materials the products are made from to ensure the best choices for your body.

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