Review of the Intriguing Dual-Stimulation Ida Wave

Black and Coral Ida wave side by side

When asked to do a LELO IDA Wave review, the answer is going to be a resounding yes.

Why? Because although I think their products are a bit expensive, they are also top quality, produced with the best materials, and kind of the shit. 

Plus, I’m a big fan of their Enigma. My puss was happy to oblige. 

What is the IDA Wave?

Well, it’s a dual stimulation device designed with your most sensitive bits in mind. The main part with the single button control is used to stimulate the clit, while the tail, or finger-like section massages your inner wall (towards your pelvic bone) in a circular motion.  You can also control this vibrator by app.

Yep, it rubs your G-spot for you. Not exactly a come-hither motion or thrumming, like some. This one is more of a swizzle. 

LELO created IDA with both solo and couple use in mind.

My experience

If you ever thought that you may be a lazy masturbator, then this might just be the toy for you.  

I could literally just watch porn on my phone and let this little melon-colored device get me off with zero participation on my part. Did it give me explosive orgasms doing this? No, but they were surely decent.

When I was actually involved in trying to get myself off, is when the magic happened. Even just slight grinding on the larger clit stimulation pad and slightly tilting my pelvis made my orgasms far more intense and lasting.

So, if you happen to be a pillow-humper, this could be right up your alley.

Even multiples were easy enough to achieve with backing off the pad and pulling out for about twenty seconds before achieving another.  

I really enjoyed the fact that this vibrator covered a larger portion of my sensitive, meaty bits. Most clit stimulators focus solely on pinpoint stimulation of the clit. My IDA Wave was able to not only service my clit but also the nerve endings that run deeper along both sides of the vulva. So, a greater area of nerves were active and appreciated the extra attention.

Thankfully, this is a product that doesn’t put my clitoris into a mini buzz-induced coma.

Nobody likes that.

One thing I did wish was different was the pressure. I loved the vibration and I could feel it stroking my insides, but sometimes you just want it harder. This I found could easily be remedied by lubing up a dildo to add to the mix.  

Problem solved.

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Or, more specific to this situation, what else you can stuff in your box to make you happy.

What should you expect in that pretty black LELO box?

  • The IDA™ Wave itself
  • A USB-charging cord

  • A black, satin storage pouch

  • The warranty registration card. You want to activate this soon after receiving it in the mail. Registering your sex toy validates your one-year warranty as well as your ten-year quality guarantee.

  • A little instruction pamphlet that contains the most basic info. If you are wanting more information than the folded paper offers, there is a full user manual online that can be downloaded at LELO.COM/SUPPORT.

  • *Not listed, but mine also came with a sample of their branded, water-based personal moisturizer (glycerine-free and paraben-free). It’s designed to be used externally, so not as a lube. It is also safe to be used with latex condoms.

Features to consider

WaveMotion™ technology.

Not only do you have the base to rumble your clit into bliss, but the thin shaft is designed to “finger” your g-spot. Not only do you receive rotating pressure, but the soft faux digit also vibrates.  

The IDA Wave is produced with body-safe, silky silicone, and ABS plastic.

Charging time is about two hours and this gives you about two hours of playtime. I know it’s hard to wait that long when your new vibrator comes in the mail, but you just need to wait it out for a better experience.

The standby time is up to 90 hours.

There is only one button to control the four different settings. If you’re feeling adventurous you can install the app to boost your variety to ten.

For color options, the IDA Wave comes in classic black or Coral Red. Obviously, I decided to go with the coral. Although I love black, I have plenty and wanted something different. You have to admit, most sex toys don’t come in a vast array of color choices.

Bluetooth and App

The IDA Wave can help your vagina reach a new level of tech-savvy with the LELO app. Just connect this dual stimulation massager to your phone.

This is a Bluetooth controlled vibrator. App control can be used by yourself or with a partner. That being said, this dual-stimulation vibe can also be used with a partner as a couple’s toy. I myself am currently without a partner, and therefore am penis-less, but could I definitely see where this could be used for a great shared experience. I can attest that with a dildo, at least, it stayed where it belonged with minimal effort to hold it in place (the use of a finger on the pad should suffice unless you’re really banging it out). The main part of the device along with the finger hooks around my pelvic bone well, so I would think it would stay far better than the other couples’ toys I’ve attempted in the past.


You don’t have to limit your play to the bedroom. IDA Wave is more than willing to join you for a shower or bath. You can rest easy knowing this toy is one-hundred percent waterproof.  this also makes cleaning an easy task. Simply wash your toy with a mild soap. Then let air dry or pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Product Measurements:

Size: 63 x 56 x 93 mm / 2.5 x 2.2 x 3.7 in

Weight: 102 g / 3.6 oz

Vibration motor frequency: 130 Hz

Gear motor frequency: 1.4 Hz

Other perks of shopping at

They offer free discreet shipping. It usually takes about ten to fourteen days. There is nothing in the packaging to alert the mail carrier, or anyone else, that you purchased your next orgasm-inducing pleasure device.

I thought it was crazy, but LELO actually offers a student discount. You can score 15% off when you sign up with their “Student Beans” program.

How much will the Ida Wave cost you?

At the time of this article, it’s priced at $189.00. Is that a steep price tag? Depends on the person, but Lelo is a luxury sex toy brand. There are far cheaper products out there to get you off, but Lelo toys tend to be on the higher end if you are searching for quality and longevity.

Want the IDA Wave, but think you can’t budget the cost?  

Lelo offers Sezzle, which breaks up your total cost into four easier-to-manage payments of $47.25 instead of one lump sum.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for a duel action vibrator, willing to spoil yourself and have the funds to do so, I would recommend the LELO Ida Wave.

It’s great for loving yourself or could make partnered play more interesting.

If anyone tries one out, I would love to know your thoughts.

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