Big Shocked Fantasy Dildos Make a Huge Impression

When your boyfriend suggests a week-long trip to the Florida Keys, of course, you throw together a bag of sex toys for your excursion. In our naughty trip bag? Three fantasy dildos by Bigshocked (Elf, Dryad, and Dwarf) and the Sohimi Alfa.

Oh, how shocked TSA would be if they felt the need to take a peek inside that backpack.  

Who knows? Maybe they’re used to finding kinky delights in travelers’ bags.

Haven’t heard of BigShocked?

Neither had I before I was approached by one of their team members earlier this year and after getting to know three of their fantasy-inspired dildos on a personal level, I’m surprised they aren’t better known in the sex toy review community.

They got their start in the dildo slinging business back in 2014 by their founder JOOL.

Pulled Quote:
Our mission is to create a portal into a fantasy world, for more people to enjoy the madness and beauty of bizarre sexual desire.

Besides the obvious plethora of creature penises to pick from I also noticed that their products are very reasonably priced. Normally, you would pay an arm and a leg for a much smaller silicone love plunger to pleasure your favorite orifices.

Okay, so back to me and my dildos.

Although this company has a very wide range of dildos in various genres, I decided on three from their fantasy category.

Elf in the Taurus color scheme ($36.99)

Elf didlo along the canal with boats in the background.

My elf dildo was the softest of the three but was not super squishable in my hand. This would be one of the better dildos to start with if you are looking into different texture sensations. It is milder and not ridged, so it would work well for a beginner.

Elf is a hand-poured dildo using body-safe, platinum silicone. 

Phthalates free.

Elf is compatible with water-based lubricants.

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 20-50

Elf dildo next to a can for size comparison.  Palm trees in the background

The can matching the toy so well was a happy accident.

Approximate Measurements (inches):

  • Total Length: 8.07″
  • Insertable Length: 6.88″
  • Diameter of Head: 1.57″, 
  • Diameter of mid Shaft: 1.89″
  • Diameter of lower shaft: 2.09″

Dwarf in Graffiti color scheme ($52.00)

Dwarf dildo with flowers and palm trees in the background.

This behemoth shocked the crap out of me. Apparently, I didn’t pay enough attention to the description when I was picking out which dildos I wanted for my article. With a name like “Dwarf”, I was expecting it to be sized much smaller.  

I was severely mistaken.  

It was by far the largest. I mean just a girthy monster.


Dwarf is hand-poured using body-safe platinum silicone.

Phthalates free.

Dwarf is best used with water-based lubricant.

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 10-50

Dwarf dildo next to a can for size comparison.  Plants in the background

Approximate Measurements (inches):

  • Total Length: 8.26″
  • Insertable Length: 6.7″
  • Diameter of Head: 1.77″
  • Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.56″
  • Diameter of lower shaft: 2.6″

Dryad in Flame color scheme ($42.99)

Dryad dildo with a plant in the background.

Of the three this was the most textured and firm of the three I was sent. No flopping when waggling it around like a small sword.

This is for someone with a more experienced hole and enjoys insane texture sensations. Although I like some, this one is just a bit much for me personally.

Dryad is hand-poured using body-safe platinum silicone.

Phthalates free.

Dryad is best used with water-based lubricant. 

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 10-50

Dryad dildo next to a can for size comparison.  Palm trees in the background

Approximate Measurements (inches):

  • Total Length: 7.54″
  • Insertable Length: 6.1″
  • Diameter of Head: 1.57″
  • Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.36″
  • Diameter of lower shaft: 2.36″

What does BigShocked have to offer?

BigShocked currently has seven categories of silicone pork swords (fantasy, animal, horse, dog, alien, monster, and your average vibrating). Yes, I’m aware that horse and dog could fall under the animal category, but they have enough of each that they’ve earned their own heading on the BigShocked website.

If you have ever asked yourself “I wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a well-endowed crocodile”, not only can this company help you out with that very unique fantasy, but they also give you some cool color schemes to pick from.

Most toys are available in several options. Some choices are:

Final thoughts.

I loved looking through the many unique shlongs they had to offer as well as the descriptions they had for many of the fantasy/monsters since you may not know what some of them are.  

Surely, most people get a mental image when you read whale or donkey, but someone might not know what the hell a hydra is and need clarification. 

This would be a perfect place to shop if you are wanting to try out a variety of different textures on your soft, naughty bits without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Base of a big shocked Dildo

This company would obviously be great for any person or couple wanting to engage in fantasy role-playing. Some of the dildos could be useable with a harness, but I didn’t see anywhere on the site where it has them listed. You would have to pay close attention to the details in the description to determine whether they seem compatible.

Big thanks to my love’s aunt and uncle for letting us tote dildos around their beautiful backyard. It was fantastic to get some tropical pictures without distressing the public. If we had taken them to the beach, I think we may have gotten some negative looks at least.

Three BigShocked dildos laying next to a pool.
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