5 Tips to Consider Before Becoming a Webcam Model

Webcam modeling is far from new but has definitely increased in popularity in recent years.

Modeling platforms are now a special place where those who fancy voyeurism and exhibitionism can come together for mutually satisfying interactions.

If you believe modeling is the creative outlet you’ve been craving, here are some tips to implement when getting started.

1.) Have the Proper Equipment

When starting out you may not have the funds to purchase all of the best equipment on the market, but the gadgets you use need to be at least decent quality.

Nobody wants to jack it to a blurry or pixilated twat when we’re now so technologically advanced as a society.

You can gradually upgrade your webcamming toolbelt to increase the quality of your videos.

You can achieve this with your own hard-earned funds or by installing an Amazon Wishlist in your webcam modeling profile like many others.

2). Investigate

Of course, you want to learn all the basics for setting up an account, so you’ve probably Googled the shit out of webcamming for beginners. I’m guessing that’s how the majority of you found this article. However, you need to look at established profiles as well.

When I started my sex blog, I looked at other sex bloggers that inspired me and tried to understand what they did to become successful. I let their knowledge of what works influence how I built my website while making it my own.

The same concept applies to crafting a webcam model presence online. See what others who are flourishing in your field are doing well, and then model yourself while adding your own personality.

Use them as a guide but don’t copy. You want your content to still be unique and make your patrons want to return for more of what only you can offer.

3.) Create an Attractive Webcam Profile

When a potential viewer is browsing through the plethora of profiles, what is it about yours that is going to hold their attention? What is going to make them stay, or even follow you rather, than skip on their merry, horny way to the next performer?

You have to stand out, and besides quality content, having a banging profile is the best way to grab potential viewers’ eyeballs, and keep them glued to what you have to offer.

If you have done your research on becoming a webcam model, you have surely come across Chaturbate. Maybe it was the site that inspired you to want to model in the first place.

If not, Chaturbate is a free webcamming platform that allows you to earn money from viewers through tips and viewing private shows.

When it comes to this specific platform, you’re in luck.

A website called Designurbate offers free themes to performers along with the tools to customize a unique profile, letting you stand out from the rest.

Be the sexy unicorn you desire.

Exactly what special features does Designurbate offer that other profiles may neglect to add?

  • The ability to add your social media links, so your followers are able to see what you are up to and any special promotions you may be running at the time. There is also the option to add social media icons to make your profile more aesthetically pleasing and interactive.

  • They allow you to add a background image to your Chaturbate profile page to help you stand out.

  • They give the option of having clickable images to direct your viewers to links both on and off the Chaturbate platform. This gives you the ability to drive your traffic wherever you desire.

  • You can add a DCMA logo to your material to help deter unsavory scoundrels from attempting to steal your precious content.

  • Designurbate makes adding an Amazon Wishlist to your bio super easy. This allows you to earn gifts, such as new camming equipment or anything that tickles your fancy, in addition to earning money. Job perk!

  • You can create customizable tip menus with graphics of your choice to showcase a bit of your personality.

  • You can easily add a legal disclaimer to your material as another way to protect your content.

4.) Be Consistent

Consistency really should be a no-brainer and pretty much applies to content creators in general.

When it comes to being a sex blogger and toy reviewer, if I don’t post new content regularly, I know my readers are going to stop showing up.

They will move on to the next website for all their sex-related informational needs.

The same goes for a webcamming profile. If you have no new material, your viewers are going to move right along to the next guy or gal’s profile they find interesting.

Plus, the more content you have available allows more people to discover you in the first place. You should cast a wider net to reel in more hot and bothered fish.

5.) Promote Yourself

When it comes to content creation, nobody is going to promote your material like you. You want to be successful, and you are the one who is going to reap the benefits of your hard work.

You can cast your promotional sexy fishnet wider by using more than one webcamming platform to showcase your videos.

Social media can be a great asset to content creators of all types. It can help you let your followers know what you’re working on as well as let them see more of your off-set personality.

Unfortunately for us in the sex niche, there are a lot of social media platforms that will flag our every move or even go as far delete our accounts (I’m looking at you Facebook, and Instagram).

I once got flagged for nudity for an up-close face-shot of a ball gag. Nose to chin only. Scandalous, I tell you.

So, whatever social media outlets you choose, be sure to read their terms of service and at least attempt to play by their rules.

Good Luck!

I’m hoping that these tips will help you go forth to be the sexy cam girl (or fella) you wish to be.

If there are any tips not mentioned that you wish to share with others reading this, please feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Sharing is caring!

This article was sponsored by the oh-so-sweet creator couple that artfully developed Designerbate. Without them, I would have had no clue how much went into forging a successful webcam profile.

You can learn more tips on webcamming as a trade by checking out their very informative Designurbate Blog.

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