The Max 2- The Review That Sucks So Good

Purple background freaturing the Max 2 masturbator.

I can honestly say, that up until this point, my partner has not had so much technology laid on his dick before.

The Max 2, created by Lovense, practically milked his dick with zero effort on his part. That is seriously saying something since his penis runs on the less sensitive end of the spectrum.

What is Max 2?

Well, obviously there was an original Max and this is the new and improved version with more bells and whistles.

Max 2 is a cylinder-esque masturbator loaded with some major dick-pleasing technology. To me, it looks like it would be what people wacked off with aboard the spacecraft on the 100 (an awesome T.V. series).

Its basic function is it vibrates while giving you 360-degree contractions. Meaning? It stimulates you with vibration while practically sucking your penis.

These are the times I wish I could transform my vagina into a dick for a day.

My Partner’s Experience

Well, he works 12-hour shifts at a rugged manly job, and then instead of sex, I whip out this tube for him to get himself off instead. All men love that, I’m sure.

But he’s a trooper and knows that products need reviewing.

After downloading the app, played around with it for a bit, I lubed the squishy entrance hole and lowered it on his shaft.

I then rifled through his playlist since Max 2 can be synced to your music. Such a nifty feature.

We will just say that he preferred the more lively, fast-paced songs.

A graphic showing how squishy the nubs inside the Max 2 masturbator are.

When I asked if he needed to do a pumping motion, as you would with most other masturbators, he declined. Apparently, he didn’t need it, which was really saying something, since, like I said… he’s not the most sensitive.

While I was in my one little world reading the little informational product pamphlets, he turned it off much sooner than I had anticipated.

Finished, fully satisfied, and milked like a cow.

He even went as far to say that he enjoyed it more than his Tenga Aero (up until now, his favorite toy). The reason he liked the Aero is its suction feature, but it doesn’t compare to the suction Max 2 brings to the table. The Aero also requires a certain amount of elbow grease, whereas this allows you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Max 2 Features

The original sleeve (which is the one we use) has different squishy patterns in its canal for multiple sensations.

You can also buy a vagina sleeve separately if you don’t care for the plain jelly doughnut-looking one.

Max 2 has an extended vibrator to stimulate more area of your member.

It comes with a magnetic USB charger, which is always nice.

It’s made of body-safe materials. The sleeve itself is TPE, which is still body-safe but also can be a porous material. That means you should take care while washing it to prolong the lifetime of your toy. The outer casing is made of ABS plastic.

Max 2 has an adjustable vent to allow you more or less suction. There is also a button to release the pressure if you find the sensation to be a bit too much.

There are different ways you can use the app as well virtual reality games that can be linked to your device, which I will talk about below.

Product Measurements:

Length: 9.50 inches
Width: 3.33 inches

It is a behemoth of a masturbator. The largest we’ve added to our collection so far.

Using the App

Max 2 allows you to use your phone in several ways to play with your partner or solo.

This masturbator’s features can be controlled locally or long-distance by your partner.

You also have the ability to sync it with a partnered toy in close proximity or long distance. Nora is a rabbit vibrator that pairs and matches the to the sensations your parner is feeling. Or if you are in a relationship that involves two penises, you can pair it with another Max 2 for an amazing joint masturbation experiance.

Use Max 2 for Virtual Reality Games

There are two VR routes that you could go for using Lovense toys. I’ve used toned down pictures for this review, but both games are deliciously more graphic.

Mirror Life

Mirror Life is a game that you can play online for solo sexy fun. I strongly encourage you to watch their demo video if you consider yourself a gamer or a sexually visual person.

You sync it to your Max 2 to the game and it allows you to pick your poses with your virtual partner and your toy will respond with the coordinating sensations.

A banner with a virtual reality girl only in her undies.    She holds the max 2 in her hand.

Their website says that they are currently working on more VR worlds and characters.

Mirror Life is VR headset compatible so you can enjoy a 360 degree view.

You are able to choose your vantage point, including first person.

Graphic of a naked dark angel.  They have black wings and dark hair.

Lovense 3DX Chat

With this 3D sex online game you can be a character of your choosing and interact with other hot and bothered individuals online.

Here you have the option to have sex with someone else virtually. 3DX Chat also doesn’t discriminate. You can have sex with any gender combination.

You also have the ability to have a threesome with partners of your choosing.

Virtual girl lays on the bar of a nightclub/strip club. She has long blond hair and a short black dress.

All this steamy goodness again hooks up to Max 2 so you are sure to feel the full experience.

In this 3D world you are able to visit different locations, make relationships, build a house, and even get married.

Again, I would advise you to check out their demo video if this sounds interesting. It is amazing how far technology has come.

This would be an amazing platform for couples that are in long distance relationships. You could be virtually having sex with your partner’s character they’ve created, as well as sharing in the same sensations.

A virtual naked man and woman kiss  on a brown leather couch.

Final thoughts

If you have a penis, like technology, and would love the orgasm milked straight from your dick, my partner and I would highly recommend Max 2.

If you believe you need a Max 2 in your life you can purchase it at At the time of this article the normal retail price is $199, but sometimes they go on sale.

(Limited time sales price $109)

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