A Romp in the Sheets with the Pillow Talk Lively

Graphic of the Pillow Talk Lively Vibrator with a "yeah" in a bubble cloud next to it.

Never have I ever used a Pillow Talk toy before now. I can see now just how much I was missing out.

I had no idea that I was depriving my vagina.

When I was offered Lively for a review, I thought that it was on the prettier side for a vibrator, but I didn’t realize just how fabulous this rabbit vibe would turn out to be.

My vagina is no stranger to gobbling rabbits, but this one had some tricks up its sleeve.

The Experience

Reviewing sex toys isn’t always sexy scenarios and lit candles. Sometimes it’s just me, laying in bed, getting off while I rewatch season two of Reign on Netflix.

This was the case for my first go with the Pillow Talk Lively. And I was so shocked when I realized that after lubing up, selecting a setting, and inserting, there was seriously nothing left that I needed to do.

The Pillow Talk Lively took over.

I did not even need to hold this vibrator in place, let alone put any effort into thrusting.

Like my Santa Barbra Surfer, this vibrator rotates, but Lively took it to a whole new level. My G-Spot was easily stimulated, only made better when I clenched my pelvic muscles.

The little clit tickling arm vibrated my sensitive bud as well as kind of massaged it with the motion from the base rotating.

Pillow Talk Lively with its drawstring pouch and cleaning brush.

All I had to do was lay back and enjoy the sensations which way too quickly added up to an easy orgasm.

Yes. In my case, hands-free orgasms. A dream come true for the lazy masturbator.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a toy to practice edging, this is not it.

If there was a downside to Lively it would have to be that the little clit-bud fingers used to hold the stimulator in place, are somewhat pointy. They are soft but when my clit was super sensitive the poke of them rubbing, at one point, was almost too much.

Besides that, I have absolutely nothing negative to say.

Features of the Pillow Talk Lively

Pillow Talk Lively is made out of silicone making it perfectly body-safe. Since it is a silicone product, you are going to want to go with a water-based lubricant.

There are two buttons used to control Lively. There is one silicone coated one on the handle used to control the functions of the motors and the other is a Swarovski crystal located on the bottom of the handle to adjust speed.

Pillow Talk Lively is a dual motor vibrator.

You can charge this vibrator with its USB charging cord. This girl detests batteries, so being USB rechargeable is always a welcome feature. The cord also comes with a little sticker tag on it labeled “Lively”. This may not be important to some, but when you have a shit ton of cords around your room for so many sex toys and miscellaneous electronics, that little tag is a very welcome feature.

Not only is the packaging nice, but this vibrator also comes with a nice silky storage bag decked out with the Pillow Talk label.

Lively also comes with a bitty cleaning brush that helps with the silver band that wraps around the base as well as the little clit stimulating flower. This product is water-resistant for easier cleaning, however, it is not submersible.

Not only does Pillow Talk Lively vibrate, but it also has the oh-so-fucking-amazing rotating feature that I have come to love so much.

You can get your very own Lively in the standard Pillow Talk colors of either teal or pink.

This vibrator comes with a one-year warranty.

Lively comes with a convenient travel lock for all of your masturbating away from home needs. Or you could just be a weirdo like me and carry random vibrators and dildos in your purse. Either way, if it powers on at an inopportune moment you may get odd looks. Trust me.

It is also both latex and phthalate-free.

Power button of the Pillow Talk lively is shown while laying on a blanket.


  • Length: 9.4 inches total, 5 inches insertable
  • Width: 1.4 inches at the widest point

Final thoughts

Lively was the first toy I have tried from the Pillow Talk line and it will surely not be the last. To say that it knocked my Christmas patterned fuzzy socks off would be an understatement.

If you would like to make a Pillow Talk Lively one of the treasures in your nightstand drawer, you can find them at Betty’s Toy Box. Currently, at the time of this article, they are $84.99 plus free shipping.

You can also use the code NIKKI at check out to score an additional 10% off.

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