Giving Head Has Never Been So Tasty

Santa with wet head dry mouth sprays

Have you ever gone down on your partner and wished their member tasted like your favorite holiday treat? Or maybe you’ve never thought about it, but now you’re thinking that would be the shit.

While looking through the new products Betty’s Toy Box has stocked recently, I came across Wet Head in five different creative, festive flavors.

Of course, I had to try them out, and yes, I had to do a taste testing with some of my favorite people.

To be honest, we were all quite surprised by how good these sprays were. We thought that we were going to be ranking them by the ones we disliked the least, but some were actually weirdly delicious.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie wet head dry mouth spray

Candy Cane

candy cane wet head dry mouth spray

White Chocolate Cranberry

Cranberry white chocolate wet head spray


Gingerbread wet head spray
Spice Sugar Cookie Wet Head.

So, as you can see, we somehow managed to test them in order of preference. And, Pumpkin Pie was the big winner, followed super close by that sweet Candy Cane.

These flavors aren’t all my cup of tea, but they taste just like their namesake. I’m personally not a fan of real gingerbread or spiced cookies and that is the only reason my scores were low for those two. If you enjoy those around the holidays, I think you would be in for a real treat.

I, however, will stick to building gingerbread houses and not eat them.

Five Wet head dry mouth sprays lined up under a christmas tree.

A little more about these Wet Head whistle wetters.

Besides their eerily accurate flavors, these sprays do in fact make your mouth wetter. Not sure if that is a bodily response to one of the ingredients or just because they are so spot on with tasting like their treat namesakes. Either way your kisser will slicker than a reindeer sneeze and ready to take your partner’s Yule log.

These Wet Head Sprays have pretty good scents, but they are very light. I would rather have a hint of good smell than lots of stink any day.

This oral enhancing line is PETA- certified cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that there were no cute, fluffy critters harmed in making these sprays.

If you would like to learn more about some cruelty-free lubricants be sure to check out my Picky Puss Lube Review.

After removing the cap The Wet Head does come out as a spray, not like a liquid. Kind of like you would use Binaca.

These Holiday Wet Head Sprays are also made without parabens and sugar. I thought that maybe they would dry sticky on my skin, but they kind of just absorbed without any lingering ick. Similar to light body oil sprays.

Final Thoughts

I had a really fun time testing these oral sprays out and am glad that I have people in my life that find my weird requests enjoyable.

Since we were blown away by these little two-ounce bottles of joy, I have decided to spread the holiday joy even further and have added them as an addition to the Christmas gift baskets I’m giving out this year to family.

I can’t wait to see the look on my stepmother’s face.

If you would like to make one of these a stocking stuffer or a treat for yourself you can find them at Betty’s Toy Box. They are currently $12.99 each, but I doubt they’ll be around too long since they are seasonal. Stock up on some Pumpkin Pie while you can.

They offer free shipping to the United States for orders of $59 or more. You can also use the code NIKKI to score an additional 10% off at checkout.

Happy Holidays, guys! May your BJ’s be merry and bright!

Wet head flavored bottles next to a Christmas village house.  Decor in background.
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