Insanely Awesome Bare Sleeve Masturbator or Evil Cock Gobbler?

Man with curious face next to the bare sleeve masturbator.

Penis toys over the years have certainly gotten a lot more interesting. When I checked out the Bare Sleeve Masturbator online at AcmeJoy, I knew that I had to try this carwash-like sleeve on my partner’s dick.

Even if it was a flop, it sure looked like it would be interesting to play with.

Wax on, wax off…

Masturbator spinning and text that reads three speeds and for frequency rotation

The experience.

When he first saw this Venus fly trap looking device, he said it looked like one of the flowers that bite your ass on Super Mario, and I would have to agree.

My partner and I decided to go the route of mutual masturbation for trying out this mouth masturbator.

After making it sing and talk first, of course.

Although he found this spinning mouth masturbator fun to use and said that it did feel quite good, he could not get off with it any of the times he gave it a go. And that was while he was watching me get off in bed with him.

He just kept wacking fruitlessly away. Poor fella.

Full disclosure: he does have a less sensitive penis than some men. An example would be that he doesn’t respond as much as some do with vibration sensations.

So, this specific dick spinner may work for someone who has more sensitive dick meat.

Nobody knows your body like you!

Features to consider with the Bare Sleeve Masturbator.

This masturbator’s sleeve is made of TPE and the handle is ABS plastic. TPE can be a porous material, so be sure that you clean your toy properly with soap and warm water to increase its lifespan and reduce the risk of stowaway bacteria.

AcmeJoy does have a newer version of this Masturbator called the Tornado Masturbator (which right now only costs less than a dollar more!) that is made of silicone which is non-porous and can give you greater peace of mind. It also happens to be deeper along with some other perks you may want to check out. Wink, Wink.

To make cleaning easier, the squishy head detaches from the handle and then can be snapped back into place when dried.

The control buttons are easy to use and marked with three bars for the three different rotation speeds and then two arrows in a circle to change the spin direction. And of course the on/off power button.

The Bare Sleeve Masturbator comes with lots of tooth-like, silicone nubbies. Don’t be alarmed! I promise they do not feel like teeth whatsoever. With a bit of lubricant shot into the mouth beforehand, they will slip quite nicely around your penis.

And, please be sure to use some lube. I would hade to get hate emails saying that you gave your pork swords a snake bite.

This masturbator comes with a charging cable, so no batteries.

Final thoughts

If you happen to have a more sensitive penis and think that the Bare Sleeve Masturbator needs to be in your life, you can purchase one at the time of this article for $55.90.

Or you could decide to upgrade to the new version of this product (Tornado) for only $56.58! Take the upgrade guys!

They also provide discrete, free shipping on orders over $69.

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