Sex Toy Gift Guide- 2021

Are you looking for a spectacular, sexy gift to WOW that special someone on your Christmas list this year? This guide has been made with the hopes of getting some of those mental juices flowing.

Yes, you could just get them some cozy jammies or a new fluffy robe, but sex toys have the ability to give the recipient the joy of orgasms all year long. Longer in fact, if they take care of them properly.

So, what sexy products should you consider in 2021?

If you are shopping for someone with a vagina.

These Calexotics Vibes look so festive in their holiday hats! I couldn’t help myself.

You will find the internet swamped with a plethora of vibrators and dildos. When considering any toy that will fill those oh-so-sensitive orifices you want to make sure that they are made with body-safe materials, such as silicone.

I would recommend a vibrator from the California Dreaming Line by Calexotics. They come in so many different colors and each has specific, unique functions, besides simply vibrating.

I have reviewed the Santa Barbara Surfer, Tahoe Temptation, and the Orange County Cutie so far and they have yet to disappoint.

So, with so many options you can tailor your selection to meet the personality of the person special enough to make your gift giving list this year.

If you are in the market for a dildo you should consider firm/squishiness preferences as well as what the person receiving your gift likes in terms of length and girth.

If you don’t want to ask this particular vagina owner what they would prefer beforehand, it is always better to buy too small, rather than too large.

I personally am fond of my Avant Lucky Sparkle and Super Nova.

Other options for vaginal merriment.

If you are shopping for someone with a clitoris.

Recently, I have reviewed the Domi 2 wand by Lovense and it was quite impressive.

Size-wise it would go in the medium category, but that motor though…

The Domi 2 makes it super easy to cum and the orgasms are spectacular.

It is also app compatible so you can do some crazy shit like change the color of the light band it has wrapped around the handle, sync it to music, or use it for long-distance or same room couples play.

It also comes with attachments that are sold separately if you want to use that feisty motor for g-spot or prostate stimulation. (These attachments happen to be on my Christmas list this year).

Click HERE if you would like to purchase the Domi 2.

Other options for clit stimulating joy.

If you are shopping for someone with a penis.

Still to this day my partner would say that his favorite masturbator so far is the Tenga Aero Silver.

Not only can he wank away in bed or haul it to the shower, but it has the ability to increase the suction with a twist of the wrist. By rotating the silver end he says he can make it feel like he’s either fucking a pussy or an asshole.

Dealer’s choice.

Click HERE if you would like to purchase the Tenga Aero.

Other options for penis presents.

If you are shopping for someone who has a prostate.

My partner and I would highly recommend looking into an Aneros Prostate Massager. They may be pricier than some crap you would find on Amazon, but the cost is well worth it.

They offer a variety of shapes and sizes to meet different sensation preferences.

We have tried the Eupho Syn and Helix Syn versions.

They also are designed to massage the prostate by using your body’s motion to do some just right rubbing instead of solely giving you the feeling of fullness. So, even if you are masturbating, you can tighten your muscles and still reap the rewards. Sex isn’t a requirement… although a perk.

And they are made of good quality materials, so if taken care of properly, they should last a lifetime. Think of it as an investment into happy, healthy prostate-stimulated orgasms.

Click here to purchase the Helix Syn or Eupho.

Other options for prostate stimulating bliss.

If you are shopping for someone on the kinky side.

The Saffron Line by Sporsheest is both well-made and affordable.

Not only is the spreader bar sturdy, but the cuffs used to hold one in place are comfortable and didn’t put my hands and feet to sleep.

I enjoyed the thwap Braided Flogger gave my ass and thighs. It’s so pretty and is made in a cat of nine tales style.

That paddle though… was a bit too much for my rump. It’s so well made, but the smack it gives is for someone who really enjoys a whallop and a red tush. Maybe your sweetie?

Click here to purchase the spreader bar, braided flogger, or spanker.

For someone who is just a little bit extra.

The Betty Blaster Bundle with Spunk Lube might do the trick.

Whether the recipient wants this squirting dildo in the puss or in the ass, this squirting dildo would be happy to oblige.

Not only is it harness compatible, so you can have quality time together, but the Spunk Lube really does look like cum. Plus it happens to be edible in small amounts. One load or two?

To purchase the Betty Blaster Bundle from Betty’s click HERE.

Other extra options.

Still at a loss?

If you are shopping for someone super picky or you just don’t happen to know their sex toy preferences just yet, don’t panic. You can always go the way of the gift card from a reputable sex toy store and let them pick out something to tickle their fancy. It is much better than getting something they wouldn’t enjoy.

Who knows… they might even pick something that you can use together. Unless you’re shopping for someone like your mom. In that case, I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart hope they don’t.

Hope this helps and happy holidays, guys!

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  1. I’m honestly just waiting for you and Phallophile Reviews to review the entire California Dreaming line lmao. There’s too many choices. I think there’s like three thrusting rabbits? And three regular vibrating rabbits? Why? Why so many of the same thing? What’s the difference? Hence, reviews please!

    1. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. I love the California Dreaming Line. A different color and function for every need. 🙂 I’ll keep reviewing them as long for as they are sent to me.

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