Stop! It’s Love Hamma Time!

The Love Hamma with text showing the Tickle ears, Vibration and thrusting Shaft, and the Clit Simulation head.

Whether watching porn or a skit on television, the majority of people have witnessed the scene of the sexy handyman coming to someone’s home with the intention of servicing the all too willing homeowner.

If that just happens to be one of your fantasies or you’re just into roleplay, boy do I have a new toy for you.

I’ve recently been introduced to the Love Hamma, sent to me by the always gracious retailer, Betty’s Toy Box.

What is the Love Hamma?

Simply put, it’s a pulsating double-ended vibrator.

The company that came out with the Love Hamma has the slogan being the ultimate pleasure tool on their website.

Looking very similar to a real-life hammer, it is designed with the intent of the handle being a vibrator while the head, normally used to drive in nails, is meant to be a clit stimulator.

Pink Love Hamma with a circle and slash mark over the head showing it should not be used to hammer nails.  It is not really a hard wear tool.

(Do not use on real nails… you’ll damage the silicone. AKA- Don’t be a dumb ass and create little crannies for bacteria to hide).

The little rabbit ears traditionally used for pulling out nails are to be used anywhere on the body for flickering sensations, such as on the clitoris or nipples.

The experience…

The Shaft

The shaft vibration wasn’t spectacular, but was made more enjoyable paired with the thrusting feature.

I was actually slightly disappointed by the Love Hamma’s thrusting abilities. When inside my vagina, it didn’t really feel like thrusting at all. The buzz of the shaft was made better when the two paired to make a stronger, more rumbly vibe, which slightly made up for that fact.

Guess I was thinking it would be as effortless as using my Orange County Cutie.

When I had both turned on and with the assistance of my Domi 2 wand on my clit orgasming was easy enough. I just wish I didn’t have to do the thrusting myself. I was all set for a lazy masturbation session.

Although the vibrator function of the handle was usable, I was also underwhelmed with the head.

The Head

When you think of a hammer you would assume this toy would pack a punch. My clit is not sensitive enough to say the Love Hamma hit the nail on the head.

This would probably work wonders for those blessed with a super sensitive clit, but for me it it was just eh.

Other Uses

Even though this product lacked the power I was craving, it is still a fun partnered toy. It’s great for roleplay foreplay. I enjoy fun sex while you laugh a lot just as much as being tied up and spanked. In that area this product shined.

Also, very much with consent, this could make one hell of an impact toy. It would be way too much for me personally, but the head can pack a wallop. I thought it would be softer on the head but the bulb is legit hard and packed a punch when I lightly tested it.

In stark contrast, the long bunny ears are solely silicone and are great for tickling sensations as the company describes. They don’t flicker or anything, but when the head is turned on they do tingle on your clit or nipples.

I offered to tickle my partner’s asshole, but was sadly turned down.

The main problem I had with this product was the shuffle I had to go through with the buttons. I would have to find the settings I wanted before I inserted because if I passed it up I would have to surf through all the patterns to get to the one I lost.

Life would be so much easier if all vibrators come with back buttons.

I did end up using the Love Hamma as a prop for Halloween, but did not use it while in my clown make-up. I figured that the mess would be too much clean-up.

Some funny, corny handyman sexual innuendos for your personal use…

  • I’ve come well equipped.

  • It helps to have the right tool for the job.

  • I would love for you to snake my drain.

  • Would it help if I held your caulk?

  • Could you help me with my leaking pipes?

Not to mention anything with screwing, hammering, nailing, or talking about hardwood or tight nuts is funny. At least to me.

Although I’ve been told I have the same immature sense of humor as a teenage boy.

I’m honestly okay with that though.

Features to consider for servicing yourself or others…

  • The Love Hamma operates with seven vibrational speeds in the ears and head of this tool.

  • The handle comes with three vibration speeds as well as ten thrusting speeds. Yes, thrusting speeds.

  • The Love Hamma’s shaft vibration, shaft thrusting, and head speeds are controlled separately so you can determine the combo that is right for you or simply use one feature at a time. Each feature comes with its own button.

  • This double-ended g-spot vibrator is USB rechargeable. No need to mess with pesky batteries.
  • Love Hamma comes in a variety of colors. I chose the pale pussy pink, but they also have blue and black options.
  • The handle of the Love Hamma can be used for both vaginal or anal play. There is no way that the head would accidentally be swallowed by an eager, shaft-consuming anus.
  • My version of this hammer comes with a curved handle designed for g-spot or p-spot stimulation, but the company also makes the same product with straight handles for those with that preference.
  • Surprisingly enough there are also Pleasure Pouches available for those who wish to use this product in their role play. I don’t have one, although I may have to invest in one. They are basically toolbelts designed for the fantasy aspect of this product.

  • The Love Hamma is made with body-safe silicone and is waterproof for easy cleaning.

  • The Love Hamma comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer as well as a velvety storage sack.

Measurements of The Love Hamma…

  • Entire Length: 11.14 inches
  • Insertable Length: 7 inches
  • Insertable Width: 1.5 inches
  • Girth: 4.7 inches

Final Thoughts…

Although I don’t see myself scrolling through a sex shop’s website, seeing this product, and getting super horny with thoughts of solo masturbation, I do think this is a very good prop for roleplaying couples.

It is definitely a unique idea and I hope that more companies decide to come out with products in the future that could be incorporated into roleplay sex.

Put a decent motor in pretty much anything and most likely someone, somewhere will fuck it. Just preferably make it wrapped in some body-safe silicone.

The Love Hamma is slightly cheaper at Betty’s Toy Box than at its mother site (currently $115 at the time of this article).

You can also save some pretty pennies with free shipping on orders over $59 in the United States as well as get a discount of 10% off if you use the code NIKKI at checkout.

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