Spectacular Suction or Just Sucks? The Meese S

I received the Meese S Series Flexible Sucking Vibrator from Honeysx.com, but for the Sake of this article, I’ll just be calling it the Messe S.

The first impression, Meese reminded me a lot of the Sohimi Rose Queen, with being about the same size vibe and having the suction on one end.

This one however is supposed to give you the flexibility to use both functions at once, similar to the Sohimi Clit Sucking Vibe.

The Experience…

So how did the Meese S Series measure up while in use?

For the reviewing, I handed the Meese over to my new helper, and life-long best friend, Rissa. She was very willing to take the vibe off my hands and give it a whirl. Or several. Got to love that commitment.

As you might imagine she too is a sex toy enthusiast.

Between partners, at the moment she was happy to have another tool at her disposal to help relieve some built-up tension.

The verdict?

Whenever she could manage to squeeze in a bit of sexy time time for herself- between work and being a full-time mom she was tirelessly knocking out some O’s with this vibe.

Rissa said that she was able to come easily, but wished the neck that bends would have been a bit more flexible since she had a hard time lining them up with her anatomy to enjoy both at once. Although, I believe the term she used was more bendy.

Rissa also mentioned that she would have preferred the sucking hole would have been a bit larger because she would have to be very careful to situate it just right to get it to suckle her clit the way she wanted.

There were three suction settings. The first being too low. The last being way too intense. The middle setting, just like in Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, was just right… to get her off.

She also mentioned that the silicone material that coats the Meese is super easy to clean after you’re finished knocking a few out.

Suction vibrator control buttons in front of yellow flowers.

Functions of the Meese S Series…

  • This vibe comes with an adjustable neck, however, everyone has different anatomy measurements.

  • The Meese S wears a layer of food-grade silicone making it body-safe and one of the easier materials to clean.

  • This product comes with a USB charger and has a life of sixty minutes depending on which settings you use.

  • Meese has a variety of ten different vibration settings.

  • It is also waterproof, so you have the ability to take it with you in the shower. Also, great for cleaning if you are a

  • multitasker or don’t want to be interrupted.

  • There are two easy-to-use buttons. One for the vibration in the shaft. The other has a little mouth symbol that is used to turn on the suction function.

Final thoughts…

At the time of this article, the price is $56.99 which is on the lower end of the sex toy pricing spectrum.

For both of the functions, it really isn’t that bad of a deal. Just keep in mind that depending on your specific body, you may have to enjoy one of the functions at a time.


The Newer version now comes with heating capabilities. When you go to purchase you can opt for the standard or get heating for a few dollars more.

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