Branching Out from the Rose Toy- Meet the Rose Queen

Rose Queen suction vibrator with packaging

The new Sohimi Rose Queen was exciting to try. It sounds whimsical and somewhat resembles a scepter.

Although I’m grown, I was still drawn in. Adults can want to be a queen for a night too.

In my case, it was night accompanied by a bottle of Red Electra wine and full intentions of taking advantage of myself.

Rose queen suction vibrator is held by a hand with blue nails and a chain bracelet on the wrist.
Note: The images taken in front of my very bright window appear more pink where as the ones by my dark desk look more red. This product is much more red than my window lighting would lead you to believe. 🙂

My Experience With The Sohimi Rose Queen…

There is no doubt that the suction function located on the top of the blossom works well. Although my clit usually needs some extra motivation to be stimulated, suction toys I’ve found are sometimes a bit much for me.

I found that the best option for me was to have the suction turned down low, but the vibration in the shaft cranked to the highest solid mode. This gave me enough stimulation to get off easily without feeling too much like my defenseless clit was being overpoweringly vacuumed.

Insert an overly dramatic clip of a Venus flytrap.

As far as the shaft itself being used as a vibrator? I wasn’t impressed. At all. It vibrated all right, but there wasn’t a whole lot to it. Plus it happened to be thinner than I would like in something I’m poking in my low whiskers.

The only upside to the handle vibrating for me was the added vibration around the mouth of the suck-hole.

The Sohimi Rose Queen is decent for the price. It’s a proficient clit sucker, but I still much prefer the Sohimi Clitoral Sucking Vibrator myself.

I like having the dual stimulation, plus I love the thrumming motor located in the middle of its shaft. It hits that special place that is hard for even bomb-sniffing dogs to locate.

One to rule them all. Or at least my clit and G-spot at the same time.

Features to Consider…

The Rose Queen operates with five suction modes and ten vibration functions. Both features are controlled with the two-button panel, which is easy to use.

This suctioning vibrator is made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof allowing for easy cleaning or shower fun if you are so inclined.

The Rose Queen comes with a USB magnetic charger (the easiest to mess with in my opinion).

Final Thoughts…

Although this sex toy isn’t my first pick it may possibly be yours if you like your titillating toys to do one function at a time or if you are down for using a clit sucker with a dildo.

There are times that I’m in the mood for a bit of manual, light thrusting while seeing to it that my pearl is properly shined, however, a good majority of the time I would consider myself more of a lazy masturbator.

If you would like to save 10% at use the code NIKKI.

Please drop me a comment below and let me know what you think. Would you prefer your most delicate bits teased together or separately?


Sadly the Sohimi Rose Queen has been retired but you can still check out Sohimi’s website for more rose options. They have plenty of variations that come with a very low price tag. Also, this company is often running sales to help you save a little bit more money on your pleasure products.

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