Deliciously Scandalous BDSM Gear from the Saffron Line

Spreader bar from the Sportsheet Saffron Line is laid out on a blanket.  Tassels from a flogger and tip of a paddle peek out of the bottom frame.

Recently I had a longer package delivered, and silly me, I thought it was going to be boring truck parts. So, I wasn’t in a rush to open it.

Boy was I wrong…

What do you get when you receive a spreader bar, braided flogger, and acrylic spanker in the mail?

Answer? One hell of a fun night enjoying the gorgeous Saffron Line by Sportsheets.

Lucky me. Bondage gear is so much better than automotive doohickies.

Let’s kickstart this party by starting with my favorite of the three.

Sportsheet flogger, spreader bar, and paddle lay out on a blanket.

Saffron Spreader Bar and Cuff Set

Made of beautiful red and black faux vegan leather, the four cuffs are amazingly comfortable. I felt very snug and secure, but without any discomfort.

Or worse… loss of circulation. I hate trying to be in the right headspace, but then the cold prickly feeling of my hands or feet falling asleep creeps in- like dick picks in my DM. It can be such a mood killer.

The Saffron Spreader Bar comes with four swivel clasps that are easy to open but hold strong.

They attach to the four loops that are spaced along the spreader bar itself. Each O ring being welded securely in place. The bar itself is 24.75″ long

Kinky options for using this spreader bar are only limited to the extent of your dirty imagination. You could use all four cuffs to bend your partner into looking like a sexy little pretzel or use the outside restraints to give you full access while they wriggle and wreath. Consensually, of course.

Bar Materials:

60% stainless steel, 25% polyurethane, 10% polyurethane foam, 5% nickel-free metal

Saffron Braided Flogger

If you are interested in impact play you may want to consider the Saffron Braided Flogger. It is a red and black cat of nine tails crafted in vegan leather.

Each braided cable ends in a pointed tip similar to a riding crop.

The more force is given in the flogging the more of a nip your partner will receive.

The handle is a slick line of lined-up orbs topped with a convenient wrist strap that can double as a way to hang when you’re done.

Our session of impact play is usually long caresses down my body with the tendrils lighting up my body with trailing tingles… and then a hefty thwap to my ass or thighs.

The Saffron Flogger did not disappoint.

Product Dimensions:

The handle is 7″
Tails are approximately 17″
Total Length is 24″

Saffron Acrylic Spanker

The Saffron Acrylic Spanker is last on my list because it is my least favorite. Although well made, it gives more of a bite than I prefer.

That’s not to say others wouldn’t wet their panties over this one.

The Saffron Spanker has a crystal clear acrylic paddle adorned with thirteen holes to help it cut through the air to smack the ass of your choice.

I actually had a hard time photographing it with how clear it was. And I was guessing people didn’t want to see pictures of what appeared to be just a handle.

This spanker is super feisty and has no problem leaving little bubble patterns on naked flesh behind as well as some rosy cheeks.

It just happens it’s a bit too fierce for me personally.

This spanker’s handle is made of black vinal with the pretty little Sportsheets emblem at the end. It also has a hoop for hanging storage.

Product Dimensions:

The acrylic is 4mm thick
13″ long total
The handle is 5″
Wrist cord length is 7cm

My Naughty Experience…

We began with a light impact session. I love some good smacks, but I prefer what some would call gentle BDSM. Some wallop and ouch without bruises or welts.

Again the spanker wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Far too much bite for my poor hindquarters.

Saffron Spreader Bar is attached to blogger Nikki Nelson's wrists and ankles.

The flogger was by far more to my liking. I love the drag before the blow and this one did it very well.

Then we moved along to my favorite. That bar.

The kids weren’t home so the couch was fair game. Spreading my legs to the furthest O rings and my hands cuffed in the middle I was bent over the middle of the couch with my ass exposed and my face firmly planted into the backrest cushion.

My then-partner decided that he would test my new rose vibrator on me and there was nothing I could do to stop him… I mean if I actually wanted to.

Not finishing me off he then decided that he would use himself instead to thrust inside me.

All of this came to a more comical end than intended. He pulled out at the last second before blowing his load so he could coat my ass in his delicious man goo. Nature had other plans and I felt the warm wet heat of his cum travel up my back and also somehow got shot behind my ear.

The Saffron Session ended with laughter and lucky for me, Taco Bell. Because I am, of course, a good girl.

Saffron Spreader Bar is attached to blogger Nikki Nelson's wrists and ankles.
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