Reviewing the Insanely Large Wander Woman by Satisfyer

The Wander Woman by satisfyer lays on a peach, floral cloth.

Ever since I was a young girl I dreamed that one day I would be fortunate enough to masturbate with a silicone coated walrus tusk.

Okay, so not really.

But if that is an ambition of yours, boy do I have the sex toy for you!

Lucky you- Satisfyer has created an enormous wand where the handle is wonderfully easy to grip, soft on the hands, and you guessed it! Resembles a walrus tusk.

Or maybe a dinosaur tooth?

This is exactly how I wanted to spend my Betty Bucks I’ve racked up. I give you… The Wander Woman!

The Wander woman by satisfyer lays on a peach, floral cloth with its buttons exposed.

The Experience with the Wander Woman…

I’m not going to lie. I was a little put out with the motor the Wander Woman was sporting. I suppose I thought since it was so big it would have packed a little more power.

It could have something to do with my mental comparison with the Magic Wand though since that’s the only other XXL wand I own so far. Heck, and they’re both white. Outwardly they seem somewhat similar.

Just goes to show that size isn’t everything.

My orgasms were sadly less intense than with the Magic Wand, but to be fair there is a huge price gap between the two.

Not to mention I haven’t used a wand that could rival that sort of power.

My preconceived huge-ass wand bias seemed to be swaying my feelings.

Reminding myself that this XXL behemoth of a wand retails at the $50 mark is quite impressive.

I’ve had much more expensive wands that were far less superior and not every person has a clit that needs the vibration of a jackhammer to feel satisfied.

Features to consider…

The Wander Woman comes with ten different rhythms, five intensities- for a grand total of fifty opportunities to find a setting that make your special nerves sing.

The head is made of silicone which is a body-safe material.

Satisfyer also advertises the Wander Woman for full-body therapeutic massage.

This huge ass wand comes with a USB charger for all your powering needs.

The Wander Woman is waterproof for easy cleaning and bathtub use.

I chose white, but these wands also come in purple or black.

The Wander Woman was surprisingly quiet. Even on the highest setting I was sure nobody would be able to hear from the other room with only a fan to muffle the purr. My obnoxiously whiny electric toothbrush is far more audible.


Length: 13.38 inches
Width: 2.24 inches
Weight: 1.48 pounds

Final Thoughts…

The Wander Woman Wand made me orgasm easily, but with my medication dampening my cumming abilities it made this product not the one for me.

My luke-warm feelings aside, price-wise it’s still a very good deal.

This wand would be a better fit for someone with a more sensitive clit and/or a person needing a larger, easy-to-grip genital tickling device.

You can get your very own Wander Woman Wand from Betty’s Toy Box for $49.95. Be sure to use the code NIKKI to receive 10% off. They also offer free shipping on orders over $59.

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