Shower Masturbation, the Simple Joy of Touching Yourself

Pretty, colorful dildos lined up in the shower, ready to be used for masturbation.

Does anything sound like more fun than getting freaky with yourself in a nice, steamy shower?

For hygiene purposes, you need to wash your ass anyway, so why not make the most of it and take advantage of yourself while you’re there?

I can’t think of a better way to start your day than getting those feel-good chemicals flowing by knocking out an orgasm. Or two…

Since slipping on the tub floor is a real concern for many, you may want to consider sitting down or investing in a non-slip mat before you get started.

Shit. If you want to fuck yourself in the shower often you could even install a bar. Whatever is going to make you the most comfortable.

If you really get into your destressing session you could bust your booty or worse, so being prepared is worth the effort when dealing with shower masturbation.

There is nothing sexy about doing a naked cartwheel out of the shower mid-orgasm and having to explain to your best friend how you sprained your ankle.

Plus your big O would be ruined. Tragic.

What Lube to Use for Shower Masturbation?

First, if you are going to use lubricant, you may want to consider opting for a silicone-based formula since a water-based one will wash away easily.

You don’t want to continuously reapply and take away from the experience.

I have found that keeping a bottle in my shower caddy comes in handy, so you don’t have to hop out every time you’re feeling frisky because you didn’t think that far ahead beforehand.

It also comes in handy for an unthought-out session of shower sex with a partner.

If you are planning to use a silicone sex toy, however, you won’t use a silicone-based lube. In that case, I would opt for water-based.

Using your digits or something a bit more exciting?

Dildos and lube adorn a shower.  A Nyx dildo by sporsheets is suction cupped to the wall holding a loofah.

If you decide you would like to use a toy, such as a vibrator, you would need to pay close attention to the box and be sure that it is completely waterproof, not just splash proof.

In most cases, the charger port will be sealed with a layer of silicone to protect the hole.

If your vibe is labeled “submersible”, you’re golden.

Another fabulous sex toy option for the shower is a good dildo.

You could easily go with glass, metal, ceramic, or acrylic, but I have found that a good silicone-based dildo with a strong suction cup works wonders.

Not to mention there is no fear of it breaking if you accidentally drop it. For a nice bum bump, you just have to back up your rump against the shower wall.

Keeping it clean…

Along with your lube, you may consider adding a bottle of toy cleaner and a mild soap to your shower caddy.

That way your pleasure products can easily be sprayed and washed up in the warm water as soon as you are done using them.

Super convenient since washing them afterward is usually a pain in the butt.

Enjoy a Safe Shower Masturbation Session…

While masturbating in the shower you want to be sure to avoid any chemicals that are not intended for internal use.

You do not want any soap to enter your vagina or anus. You could end up with issues such as an infection or diarrhea.

Neither of which is very sexy.

So, turn on some sexy music and jump into the tub… carefully.

There is nothing quite like getting down and dirty while also getting squeaky clean.

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