Pink Box Toy Shop (Now Pussy Punch Toys)

Pink Box Toy Shop/ Pussy Punch Toys Hufflepuff Dildo is laying next to a Harry Potter mug with the marauder's map in the background.

Being a nerdy gal of sorts, I had been pondering the idea of a Hufflepuff-colored dildo for a while now. What better way to show off my house colors, right?

We’ll just chalk it up to the heart wants what the heart wants.

When I first started talking to Gem and threw the idea of a Harry Potter toy, I was met with unexpected enthusiasm. I was stoked to feel reassured that a black and yellow Hufflepuff dildo wasn’t as insane of a request as I possibly thought.

Of course, she does stock some pretty amazingly geeky toys in her inventory, so we may just be similar in our quirkiness.

Either way… her stuff is colorfully whimsical and always so much fun to see pop up in my Instagram and Twitter feed. (She was bumped recently from Instagram though and had to start over there).

I love seeing her bright photos. Especially when she comes out with a new product. Her posts are usually of some lovely looking people enjoying her handiwork.

Obviously, I was doubly thrilled when my package arrived from the UK, and I found some extra, highly-squishable goodies inside beside what I had requested.

I got an extra Daisy and a Stress Vagina.

The Founding of the Pink Box Toy Shop…

You might wonder how Gem came into the sex toy slinging scene.

She was diagnosed with multiple neurological issues and needed to find a toy that would fit her now very different needs.

Gem found her search for the perfect product disheartening.

Finally, with the help and support of her partner, she made the decision to create masturbatory tools that encompassed all the qualities she needed that she felt she couldn’t find online.

Sohimi sex toys discount code banner in pink.  Wording at the bottom says: Use code NIKKI for 10% off

The main qualities she was looking for?

Something soft, yet highly durable. A product that was easily gripped, yet still flexable.

These qualities were key, but she also desired something that was still cute.

The Daisy was one of her very first creations.

After her needs had finally been met through trial and error she realized that there were probably others out there with the same needs as her.

And with that thought, she embarked on her journey to bring her Little Pink Box shop to life.

Reasons to Shop Pink Box Toys…

Gem only uses 100% medical-grade, platinum silicone for all of her gorgeous creations.

All fuckable artistic creations are produced with vegan and ethically sourced pigments.

We love that Gem displays the “No Harm” bunny symbol at the bottom of her site telling the world they do no testing on little critters within her company.

Need More Info?

Thinking you want to check out some squishy toys of your own?

You can check out Gem’s shop at, look her up on Instagram, or follow her on Twitter. She also operates on Etsy.

Please let me know in the comments below how you like my girthy Hufflepuff dildo.


This creator of silicone toys is now known as Pussy Punch Toys. A new Instagram account is also made under the same name.

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