Review of the Santa Barbara Surfer from Calexotics

santa barbara surfer by Calexotics on a colorful striped background.

The Santa Barbara Surfer is the perfect example of why I love the California Dreaming Line. Calexotics seems to just keep getting better.

I’ve also had the pleasure of reviewing the Orange County Cutie and the Tahoe Temptation.

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My Experience…

During my trial runs with The Santa Barbara I took the opportunity to also test out my organic lubes which only added to the experience.

My pretty pink toy glided in and out with ease as it did its stranger than shit motion. It’s like a wave running down the shaft. Or imagine there are tiny hula-hoops twirling throughout the base.

Weird, yet delightful.

Either way, the effect is fabulous. It didn’t just give attention to my sensitive inner wall behind my pelvic bone (although, that is my favorite area).

It feels like it radiates positive energy throughout my entire puss tunnel, focusing said energy when I intentionally tilt it one way or another.

Some women have issues with rabbit vibrators lining up with their anatomy, but I usually don’t find it to be a problem with mine.

The little nubby-flicker worked its magic on clit, easily stimulating me to the edge every time. Right, when I was close I would shove it in farther and grind the thicker finger-like part against the side of my clit and keep thrusting aginst it until it would almost feel like too much.

I would still power through the orgasm, because I’m a champ like that, but you can push the closest button to your puss if it feels like too much and it will instantly shut off.

Close up of the Santa Barbara Surfer on a colorful striped background.

Embarrassing Side Story…

Just a little mortification to go along with this review for entertainment value…

The second or third time I used my Santa Barbara I thought it would be a wonderful idea to send my boyfriend pictures of me lubing up the toy and then a video of me using it.

You know. Thoughtful girlfriend stuff for him to get while he’s at work.

A pleasant distraction, maybe?

So, when the said video was finished I sent two pictures of lube prep. It didn’t show anything graphic. Just partial pubic bone and sex toy being prepared.

Then I went to load the video.

Right before I hit the send button I realized that my ex’s name looming over said text conversation and was currently the recipient of two brand new pictures meant for my current partner.

Fuck me running…

I had messaged the ex earlier about our tiny humans’ drop-off schedule and obviously didn’t realize he was the last person I messaged.

Picture-wise, I didn’t feel too embarrassed. Just the fact of who it went to and them probably wondering if I was drunk texting them or something.


Called him and quickly explained and then vented to my boyfriend who didn’t seem to think it was nearly as bad as I did.

He’s always so cool. My cute bearded cucumber.

betty's toybox

On to features you may want to consider…

The Santa Barbara Surfer is made of soft matte silicone and has ABS plated accents.

It is completely waterproof, so you can have fun in the shower or bath. It also makes cleaning super easy.

This rabbit vibe comes with a USB charger.

Santa Barbara has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The shaft length is 4.25 by 1.5 inches and the stimulator length is 2.5 by 1 inch.

The clit stimulator has ten strong vibration functions and the shaft that three speeds of escalation and pleasurable pulsation.

You are going to want to initially charge it for two and a half hours to get two and a half hours of playtime.

Santa Barbara surfer and it's charging port and cord.


I love the California Dreaming Line so far and feel like they have a very wide variety of sensations for different sexual appetites.

Santa Barbara was a different type of stimulation than I am used to, but I loved it. It just leaves me excited to see what rabbit vibrator I’ll try from them next.

Hey, my vagina is greedy! What can I say?

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