Hercules Pulse Masturbator- Wiener Wrap Of The Future?

Hercules Pulse Masturbator lays on a yellow textured cloth.

When you tell your partner they’re about to jerk off with a product that has Hercules in the name you would assume some mad shit is about to go down.

Not quite true with this Pulse Maturbator that I received from Sohimi.

My boyfriend has said for many toys he’s tested that he wishes the product was self warming. He’s not into fucking a corpse. Good to know!

He’s also not a huge fan of warming lube, yet he doesn’t like the long wait time of a toy warming to his body temperature.

What a picky pants!

So, when I found this self-warming masturbator- I thought that just maybe this would be the masturbatory gadget to WOW his member into toasty warm orgasmic bliss.

Yeah, that hope was short-lived.

His less than thrilling experience…

When it’s comparable to fucking robot pussy, and he has a less than enthusiastic face, you know it probably wasn’t the best.

On the Beat Your Meat Sheet I make him fill out each time we get a sex toy he’s responsible for testing, he put a big thumbs down.

Yes, I give him masturbation homework. I’m a mean girlfriend.

Underside of the Hercules Pulse Masturbator showing the opening.

But, did he get off?

He was able to reach orgasm on the highest solid speed, with the use of water-based lube, but he was less than thrilled about the fact that I was making him re-test it several times…

Just use the robo-sleeve on your weiner and like it! RAWR!

The opening of the Hercules Pulse masturbator is shown.  You can see down the shaft and notice the ribbed texture.  The charging port magnets are also noticeable at the bottom.

Features that you may want to consider…

Hercules did not have any smell when taking it out of the packaging. You still of course want to wash it with soap and warm water before your initial use as well as after every time you use it.

This Sohimi penis toy is wrapped in a silicone shell making it body-safe. Hercules was also easy to clean.

Inside the masturbation sleeve is somewhat textured meant to stimulate rod. To me it seemed more like a wavy ripple?

The online description mentions that you can use the Hercules Pulse Masturbator as a “penis training tool”.

The underside of the Hercules Pulse Masturbator is shown wrapped around a dildo.  The opening is noticeable along the shaft.

Apparently, the idea behind it is to use the sleeve to edge and train yourself to last longer.

I’m all for edging, but with this product, my partner had a hard enough time just to reach climax. He wasn’t about to edge it out.

The sleeve itself is only 5.4 inches long, but it’s open and wraps around to fit a variety of sizes. Think oddly sliced hotdog bun.

It has five different vibration modes and a heating function.

Hercules comes with a USB charger.

If you would like to buy this product or another from the Sohimi website you can use the code “NIKKI” to get 10% off.

If you are looking for a masturbator I would recommend the Sohimi Face Pocket Pussy.

The Hercules Pulse Masturbator is wrapped around a dildo.  The photo shows the product from a side angle.

Final Thoughts…

This could be a good fit for someone who possesses a penis that enjoys the sensation of vibration and heat, but sadly that person is not my partner.

Perhaps someone who has the hots for Rosie from the Jetsons?


The Hercules Pulse Masturbator is no longer available at Sohimi. They do however have a large selection of much better masurbators to choose from. This site almost always has sales going on and you can save a little extra by adding the coupon code “NIKKI” on the checkout page.

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