Meet Our New Sex Doll, Britney

Sex doll Britney wearing a lacy outfit.
Britney slipping into something more comfortable.

When I asked my partner if he would be up to reviewing a sex doll, he was somewhat skeptical.

Strokers and sleeves are one thing… but a whole doll?

Where would we even put it? (Still something we have not found the answer to).

After he thought about it for a week or so I was finally given the green light to pick one out for him. I went with Britney.

She had a five-star rating from many customers and was just a torso, so she would take up a bit less space.

Sex Doll Packaging

Before I jump into what Britney, herself looks and feels like, I would just like to note that the packaging was entirely discreet.

The truck driver may have wondered what was in the heavy, oddly balanced box, but there was nothing to indicate there was a lifelike, fuckable torso inside.

Description of Britney

Hands with painted fingernails cup sex doll Britney's boobs.
Her tits are spectacular. I love her cute little button nipples!

Britney was a beautifully made sex doll. I think when we opened her up I may have been more excited than my partner.

Britney’s breasts are crafted with silicone implants to give them a more realistic feel. This was one of my favorite features.

It was super fun to play with them since I’m the kind of person that loves fiddling with stress balls or the squishies kids beg for from Walmart. Not to mention I’ve always wished for bigger boobs growing up. I can’t play with a pair of my own, so I’ll just borrow hers for a bit.

Quick Tip: Do not store Britney on her chest to avoid deformation. Those boobs are too pretty to ruin.

Her torso is on the more petite side and is equipped with a high-quality metal skeleton. This helps to keep her form and makes it easier for her to be maneuvered. A floppy doll would be much less appealing.

Her skin has a very life-like feel, made from a combination of TPE and silicone for her breasts. I found it very interesting that in some areas she even has goosebumps and other tiny lines to make her more realistic.

Our torso skin tone was “fair” but she is also available in “wheat” which looks more Latin to me, maybe? Somewhat darker…

And, oh, that ass. She is decked out with an amazing tush that just asks to be smacked when she is bent over. It has the give of a human ass when you pop it as well as a nice sound.

The vagina is very detailed and you can feel the distinct texture when you insert your finger.


Britney the Sex Doll's belly button is exposed.
Don’t you just want to beep Britney’s little belly button?

My partner was a willing participant in fucking Britney, putting all three ways to the test.

First trial run was with her beautiful boobs. They were plenty big enough where he could titty fuck them with lubed-up ease, but this didn’t personally do anything for him since he isn’t a huge fan in general.

Next came the vagina with the insanely detailed labia. The lips and clit would be sure to turn on most penis owners. He very much enjoyed this orifice but saved his seed so he could try out all three.

Finally, he slipped his throbbing self out of her pussy and slowly thrust into her tight little ass cavity. This is where he finally decided to drop his load.

My partner believes that both vagina and anus are very true to life. Their unique patterns within and variation of tightness add to the experience.

The only drawback he noted for actual use would be that he wishes the sex doll was warm rather than room temperature. This however can be solved with a heating rod that the company offers as an add-on.

Please refrain from trying any DIY heating methods as they might not be safe for you or the sex doll’s material. I’m sure Britney would not enjoy a heated curling iron up her ass.


The backside of sex doll Britney is exposed showing her butt.
For more “Detailed” photos of Britney’s labia and asshole check her out on Tantaly.

As the pussy and ass are made from TPE material, you want to be very diligent in your cleaning. Although TPE is non-toxic, it can be porous.

This means you should take extra care when attending to Britney’s hygiene, do not share unless you are fluid bonded already or have worn a condom each time, and that this product should eventually be replaced.

For my boyfriend, washing Britney was a bit of a challenge. We do not have a detachable sprayer nozzle in our shower, which would have come in handy.

Any time he would use Britney he would have to wash her holes out with the tub faucet, which he found difficult. She is only around thirty pounds but trying to grab her when she’s slippery as a seal becomes a troublesome task.

Had I thought it out beforehand, I would have asked for their cleaning care kit which is supposed to make the process far less problematic. It did however give me the mental image of her slipping through his arms repeatedly like a fish while he tried holding onto her. That added value to my life too.


The sex doll is bent over wearing a lacy outfit.  You can see her butt cheeks and the outer lips of her vulva.
For more “Detailed” photos of Britney’s labia and asshole check her out on Tantaly.

If you find this torso delightful and think you may just want a Britney in your life- she is currently $319.99 at Tantaly and you can use the code “NIKKI10” to receive 10% off your entire order.


Although Britney may not be practical for everyone’s situation, I am glad that we gave her a go. Looking at the pictures I wasn’t expecting her to be as detailed or realistic feeling as she was.

If you are looking for ease of use a stroker would be the way to go, but if you are an individual who wants a full-body experience a sex doll like Britney might just do the trick.

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    1. Justin,
      We washed ours in the tub, so I would say yes. Just be sure to clean the holes really well to keep it in good shape. They also sell cleaning kits if you find yours to be as heavy as ours.

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