Creating a Clone-A-Willy: An Easy to Follow Guide

Glow in the dark Clone-A-Willy lit up on a dark background.  A hand holds it with neon words that say Clone-A-Willy Kit in light purple and yellow

I am about to embark on a somewhat familiar journey in attempting to create a glow-in-the-dark clone-a-willy. Wish me luck!

I have tried my hand at their clone-a-willy plus balls kit but had issues with the size of my partner’s huge testicles. They are well above average so we kind of tried stuffing them in and it was more difficult than it would have been for others.

Anywho, we decided to use a dildo for this little adult crafting session, so I could do a better job of visually documenting the process.

It is really hard to take pictures or videos while measuring, mixing, and whatnot.

Not to mention when your partner’s dong is the one being replicated there are just some pictures you aren’t allowed to show on certain social media platforms. I know– I get warnings for much less than plastering my partner’s penis.

So, getting started…

We spread out all of the pieces that came with the kit and then gathered everything else we would need later on.

Everything that comes in a clone a willy kit displayed on a wood table.

Step One

It says to read through the instructions carefully and honestly, more than once wouldn’t hurt. The Clone-A-Willy instructions are very specific and need to be fulfilled pretty much to the T for your phallic project to be successful.

Step Two

We measured the dildo that we had chosen along the tube that the kit came in half an inch away from the tip and marked it with a sharpie. We then cut it to that length.

(FYI- We went with the Glow-in-the-Dark Neo Elite)

Step Three

We took the little thermometer that they provide and measured the water temperature of the sink water. It needs to be exactly 90 degrees.

A hand holding a themomoter under the water to tell the temperature.
Who would you make a clone for?

Step Four

We measured 1 3/4 cup of exactly 90-degree water and poured it into the mixing bowl.

Water being poured from a measuring cup into a large blue plastic bowl.

Step Five

You have to quickly pour the white powder used to create the mold, stir for precisely 45 seconds. Most likely it will still be lumpy and kind of resemble pancake batter. Ours did.

A black microwave displaying 45 seconds on the screen.

Step Six

You will then pour it into the cylinder that you earlier cut to size.

White batter-like substance being poured into a clear, plastic tube.

Step Seven

It says “hold the tube against your body” meaning shove your junk in the tube. It says for one to two minutes. You obviously want to stay hard for that time to get the best mold possible, but keeping a boner while your dick is in batter may be a turn-off for some.

Since we were just using a dildo leaving it was easy. We left it slightly longer just to be sure ours would be firm.

Note: There is a link further down this article for information if your penis is curved and you are concerned about the outcome of your Clone-A-Willy project. Please check it out for a little more guidance.

Step Eight

Woo, Hoo! You now get to remove your penis once the mixture has hardened.

Hardened batter-like plaster is hardened and there is a hole where the dildo to make the clone-a-willy once was.

Clone-A-Willy recommends a waiting period of four to eight hours for the mold to set before continuing onto step nine.

Step Nine

You want to use a disposable cup to mix the two jars of silicone mixture together. They give you a popsicle stick for mixing and scraping the sides.

Clear substance being poured from one cup to another.

Ours was a glow-in-the-dark kit so the glow powder was dumped in at this stage as well. Not all kits will come with the extra little bag of powder unless they are glow-in-the-dark also.

Silicone with a mixing stick is sitting next to the clone-a-willy mold.

Step Ten

You will need to dump any extra liquid that develops at the bottom of your mold while you were waiting for it to solidify. Once you’re sure the tip isn’t juicy, you can slowly pour the mixture down the shaft.

Silicone is being poured from the cup into the tube with the mold.

Step Eleven

You are instructed to cut a small scrap of cardboard with an “X” in it so you can slide the vibrator through. This way when you dip it into the silicone it won’t sink to the depths of the dick stew you’re brewing.

Step Twelve

…is insertion. Insert the vibrator trying your best to aim it down the middle.

A vibrating bullet is placed in the wet silicone and held in place with cardboard while the mixture hardens.

For some reason, both kits we have done ours has migrated to the sides of the mold. I’m not sure if our aim was off or what.

This is the hard part. You are expected to wait 24 hours after all of this hard work so the silicone can set.

Step Thirteen

This step is by far the best! You get to pull your creation out from the mold. Yay! Ours we kind of just ripped down the side.

The mold is being torn open to reveal the clone-a-willy replica with vibrator within.

After you dig yours out, you are going to want to wash it with soap and warm water, especially if you plan to use it.

Hands hold the the completed clone-a-willy.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out. We hit it with the flashlight and then doused the lights. It glowed better than I had expected.

Finished clone-a-willy being held in the dark while it glows.

Tips and Recommendations from the Clone-A-Willy Company

If you are a hairy penis owner, you may want to try lathering your goods in petroleum jelly beforehand to make them slippery.

They offer a link to their how-to videos on YouTube if you want to learn more before you begin. Some people like me are more visual learners, so I personally found these helpful.

They also have a video of what to do if you are concerned because your member is curved.

Clone-A-Willy recommends that you do this project over a hard easy to clean surface, and I couldn’t agree more. The first time some managed to get on a towel. There was no getting it clean.

Hard surfaces? It peels right off and honestly, feels pretty damn cool.

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My final thoughts?

I love the Clone-A-Willy kits! Although they can be tricky with the time sensitivity, think that they are a fun crafty project that you can do with your partner or could make a nifty very personal keepsake for someone you are seeing.

I don’t think you could get a more personal gift even if you tried very hard to find one.

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